The Big Bang Theory: This Things Change The Outcome Forever!

Over 12 seasons and with almost 300 episodes, ” The Big Bang Theory ” managed to become one of the most acclaimed comedies of all time. Throughout its history, we have been able to enjoy Leonard, Sheldon, and company in their different personal and professional stages with humor as a flag. With the end of the latest installment, the solid fan base of fiction continues to be active, and, very often, they are encouraged to express theories around their favorite series. Apparently, there is a very popular point of view among fans of the Warner Bros success that could radically change the way the central narrative is conceived.

The theory in question expresses that everything that we could enjoy in the production of Chuck Lorre after the debut episode, would be a dream of Leonard, its undisputed protagonist. This unusual fact finds support in its foundational base. After meeting Penny and falling completely in love with her, the character played by Johnny Galecki sets out to represent in a dreamlike way what his life could have been like.

An intermittent relationship with some ups and downs, engagement, marriage, pregnancy, and significant professional achievements could clearly have been Leonard's most cherished dreams on ” The Big Bang Theory”. There lie precisely the foundations used by the defenders of this theory to give it relevance.

In addition, the staunch participants in this version of ” The Big Bang Theory ” allude to the fact that, on hundreds of occasions, the series used fantasy sequences to represent some important events. When thinking about it logically, the theory does not have much weight since, in addition to speculations, there are no other indications that affirm this narrative turn, however, the point of view continues in force and adds followers over time.

Unique opportunity to unravel theories

This Tuesday, June 29, HBO Max makes its brand new arrival in more than 39 countries in Latin America and, there, fans of the Chuck Lorre story have a unique opportunity to continue unraveling the theories around ” The Big Bang Theory “. As already mentioned, the fan base of the story was the creator of unusual theories about history. Among them, there are several that have hundreds of followers and are regularly discussed in forums of fiction.

For example, many accounts indicate that Howard's mother never truly existed or that Penny's incorporation was due to a leak as part of a spy investigation. Despite the fact that none of this was affirmed by those responsible, the different edges that emerge among the fans speak of the relevance that fiction brought to television in the last decade that will continue to be in force on the HBO Max platform.