The Big 4 Review – A Thrilling & Enjoyable Film!

The Big 4 review?: Timo Tjahjanto penned and directed the Indonesian action-comedy The Big 4 for Netflix. The action movie “The Big 4” follows four former hitmen. After a police officer approaches them to learn more about their history, they are once again thrust into a violent environment. Netflix users can see the movie immediately. In this article, we will read about The Big 4 Review. Keep reading, to know full review of The Big 4.

The Big 4 Plot Summary

Assasins Topan, Alpha, Jenggo & Pelor all get along like family & share a house. As the Big 4, they are the product of Petrus's upbringing & training to excel in their respective fields. Given that his daughter Dina has no interest in his career, Petrus has decided to retire. But on the day of her commencement, he is slain in his own home.

The Big 4 Review

Dina returns home in time to see her dying father. She looks over & sees a man sitting next to her dying dad, wearing his cap; she immediately assumes he is the killer. She fires a shot at the man, but he manages to get away. After 3 years, Dina joins the police force & works tirelessly, but she has not identified the killer of her father.

After seeing a photo of her father & his 4 kids, she sets out to track down the killer by way of her own family. She goes to Bersi Island to interview Topan about her absent father. She had no idea that men with murderous intentions are following her. When trouble comes knocking again, the Big Four get back together. They, together with Dina, have to seek revenge on their father's killer.

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The Big 4 Review in Detail

The movie opens with a standard introduction scenario in which the assassins charge with guns blazing & eventually lead to a massive rescue operation. Topan, the leading gritty muscular power, Jenggo, the pitch-perfect sniper, the no-nonsense Alpha & the traditional bait, Pelor, all make their debut here. In addition, the group finally gets to see their mentor after the destructive mission & they leave behind the wreckage. Soon enough, it becomes clear that the mentor, who also has a daughter named Tina.

The Big 4 Review

She is responsible for the upbringing of the 4 siblings that make up the cum assassin gang. After learning that his daughter is planning to join the police force, the group's relationship with their mentor takes a dramatic turn for the better. The murder of the guide, however, throws the plot into disarray & sets everyone into a frenzy. What follows is a riotous medley of comedy, action & peculiarities. In this extreme Indonesian action film, you will see action on a level practically unmatched in the genre.

People explode like cartoon figures, but there's no sense of violence. Indeed, the humor dampens the severity of the violent moments & turns the impact into an exciting journey. The film's opening 30 minutes could give off the air of yet another generic Kill Bill knockoff. The remaining script, however, does an excellent job of stirring up opposition to the stereotype. And the end result is a blend of very active, freshly harvested components. Completely action films rarely provide opportunities for performers to shine.

Almost everyone's fate depends on the outcome of the showdown. It singles out Topan as the story's effective protagonist & portrays Antonia as the film's lethal antagonist. Overall, the film throws out the window whatever preconceptions the audience may have had about action movies & takes them on a rollercoaster that is enjoyable, humorous & unexpected.

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Final Thoughts

The Big Four averages 6.40 out of 10 on IMDB. If you're looking for a thrilling & enjoyable film, look no further than The Big 4, which manages to pull off the unusual feat of combining excessive violence with humor. The suspense was palpable & I couldn't wait to find out who was responsible for Petrus's death. The ending cliffhanger effectively laid the groundwork for a prospective sequel. What's more, it's possible that this is simply the beginning of a long-running film series.

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