The Best Scenes From the ‘Adam Eats the 80’s Show

Adam Eats the '80s, Richman's latest project for the History Channel, is a kaleidoscope of food and drink references from the era's popular culture. He explores the roots of mall staples like Cinnabon and Auntie Anne’s pretzels while looking back on interesting (if failed) 1980s experiments like Domino’s breakfast pizza.

On Sunday, February 27 at 10 PM ET/PT, the HISTORY® Channel will premiere the half-hour series “Adam Eats the 80s,” which will follow food author and culinary entrepreneur Adam Richman as he travels the country eating some of the most iconic and forgotten foods of the 1980s, reliving his childhood through food.

It was the flavor of the 1980s that made them so memorable, and in this ten-part series, Richman re-creates those tastes by preparing some of the most iconic dishes of the era to show that the decade's culinary legacy is not entirely lost. When did you first stroll into a shopping center and catch the aroma of a freshly baked cinnamon roll from Cinnabon? Maybe the missing breakfast pizza from Domino's was the key to your heart and stomach. And did the '80s have superior French fry flavor?

In “Adam Eats the 80s” viewers will relive this tubular decade by joining Richman on a journey back to where these brands all began, learning about the amazing secrets never revealed, and watching as Richman tries versions of products that were never intended for the public.

When it comes to food, the 1980s were a time of unprecedented innovation and originality. In spite of a spate of corporate takeovers fueled by cheap financing, some of America's best-known food companies made the decade's most decadent dough in the early 2000s.

In “Adam Eats the 80s,” Richman travels the United States in search of the most iconic foods and products of the 1980s. Along the way, he visits iconic brand locations and reminisces about the commercial references, products, and taglines that were specific to that era.

Candy smokes, sugar weapons, candy boogers, and candy in coffins are just a few of the examples of bizarre candies to that Richman dedicates a whole hour. He recalls that in 1985 Jolt Cola was introduced with the tagline, “All the sweetness and double the caffeine!” In Augusta, he goes to see Russell Vandiver, an antique candy collector, and dealer.

The Love of ’80s

Adam seeks out sweets that could only have been made in the 1980s, such as the original test taste of Big League Chew from the product's developer and a collector who has amassed over 20,000 pieces of candy.

Fast food back in the day

Can we say that the '80s were the heyday of fast food? To put Adam's theory to the ultimate test, he travels to both Roy Rogers' ranch and a renowned food lab. Additionally, he will unearth some interesting packaging details from the past of the world's largest burger brand.

The 80’s Domino

Adam Richman's morning starts with a freshly delivered, long-forgotten 1985 Domino's specialty, along with a wake-up call, coffee, and the newspaper; he then stops by the original site of the mall staple Auntie Anne's pretzels.

Food Court

Adam finds unreleased versions of Panda Express's Orange Chicken, a pioneer in the food court. Then he'll try out one of the decade's most popular kitchen gadgets and discover the key to Cinnabon's popularity.


Until recently, many delicious delicacies from the 1980s had been forgotten. After Adam discovers Pizza Hut's infamous double-decker “Priazzo,” he'll go completely insane by trying to reproduce a vintage elf cookie recipe.

No Limit for Fun

Adam learns there is no upper age limit on having a good time at Chuck E. Cheese when he is given the rare opportunity to sample relics from the restaurant's past, such as recipes and arcade games that have been forgotten for decades.

A Decade of Transition

Adam seeks down the pizza shop that revolutionized the industry with their BBQ chicken pizza. Then, have you ever wondered if cola truly did taste better back in the day? It's settled for good now that Adam learns the truth.

Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!

Adam ventures to the furthest reaches of the cosmos in search of rare delights from a legendary trove. Then he'll be knighted at Medieval Times, where he may have a throwback meal and see an ancient fire ceremony.

The 80’s Collection

Starting with a drink from an iconic juice box, Adam investigates the best 80s collections in the country. Then he goes to a restaurant-turned-time-capsule filled with antiques, recently-made pizza, and slightly-less-recently-made desserts.

The 1980s

Adam Richman quenches his thirst with the drinks of the 80s, including a unique tasting of a Samuel Adams Boston Lager from 1984. Then, back in the '80s, Adam has the man who invented high-octane cola whip up a batch of his own at home.