The Batman 2022: Review, Fan Theories And Latest News!

This is THE Batman movie, not simply another one in the series. What other name would it have had if it wasn't called The Batman (currently available on HBO Max)? Audacious. There is, however, a catch.

The evidence supports that. Reeves and Pattinson have shown to be a powerful pair, rejuvenating a done-to-death character/franchise with a new aesthetic and ruminative depth that resulted in more than $750 million in worldwide box office sales for their last picture, Cloverfield.

In the Dark Knight, you may want to pay attention. Two GOAT Batman movies may be an impossibility in Gotham City.

So. You'll lose your mind when Batman starts up the Batmobile. This film will have made you want to die on a raging road for it before it roars and flares up like a blazing fire engine, regardless of how good it had been before.

The Batman
The Batman

The result is a scorching-hot vehicle pursuit that is exciting and employs several close-ups and stalls in the center of bumper-to-bumper traffic, with flames and crashes and wipers rapidly cleaning cold drops hammering down from the pissy Gotham sky. These are Reeves' action credentials at work.

Batman falling from an elevator car, Batman swinging into action on grappling hooks, Batman punching his way through a cadre of goons with machine guns in a dark hallway, bursts of muzzle fire illuminating the outright fist-misery he's unleashing on faceless, hopeless criminal minions.

The film's pulsating action is just one aspect of an unquestionably excellent Batman film. Farrell, Kravitz, Turturro, and a genuinely creepy Dano round out the rogue's gallery in The Batman's portrayal of the rest of the film's villains.

Alfred, played by Serkis, is a father figure to Pattinson, a strange hero with psychological scars, and they work well together. The film's typically gloomy tone is gently laced with a humorous sensibility.

The Batman
The Batman

This is the best depiction yet when it comes to melancholy cinematic metropolises like Gotham City. The city is always rain-spattered and looms large among the furious clouds, an early stage of the end-of-the-world.

Suppose we let ourselves get carried away by its moody minor-key tenor. In that case, we'll believe that this is a world where individuals may live out their most outrageous fantasies and thrive exuberantly on the brink of comic-book madness. Only a few films can successfully blend reality and fiction.

There's a lot of ground already covered by the Batman pictures. Still, Reeves sharpens and narrows the focus by channeling classic noir sensibilities, and the looming threat of evil from serial killer flicks.

A near-perfect combination of new and old. In his decision to present an early-career Batman narrative, he wisely integrated modern politics, class hierarchy, and the internet-age social environment into the rigorous psychology of a vigilante-to-hero arc with meditation.

The Batman
The Batman

Fans expecting a sad look at the present day will get just that, while those seeking escapism will undoubtedly be disappointed. However, despite the film's bleakness, it is electric, powerful, and enjoyable.

This is a Batman in the middle of things, and he's a natural person, not just a foil for over-the-the-top villains. Is this Batman becoming the greatest superhero of all time, in every word?

Batman is a work of art. Watch it.

Batman Fans have Just discovered unusual Information About Paul Dano's Riddler

Regardless of how long Batman took to capture The Joker, one fan would have done it before him. There is a “blink-and-you'll-miss-it” Easter Egg outside the Iceberg Lounge, where the movie's villain, The Riddler, is shown in the latest Batman film.

“Indeed, I can confirm,” he said via Twitter. “100%”

He plays a pivotal role in the city-wide corruption plan in the Iceberg Lounge headed by Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot. And it appears that Paul Dano's character, The Riddler, had his eye on him for some time.

According to a scenario put out by a Batman fan, the Riddler may be standing just across the street from the nightclub, giving him an unbeatable vantage point from which to keep an eye on his prey.

According to the notion, you may see Paul Dano's Riddler in the window opposite the iceberg lounge at exactly 31:55 into [The Batman].” Waiting, watching. The Riddler is shown as a ferocious serial murderer, inspired by the Zodiac crimes by filmmaker Matt Reeves.

The Batman
The Batman

Riddler is portrayed as an almost Zodiac Killer-like person who targets Gotham's most notable citizens, including the city's police chief and mayor. “It's claimed that these statistics are real.” Everything starts with the mayor, and it spirals out of control.”
This is the kind of attention to detail that a serial murderer would take great pride in.

It's no surprise that The Riddler chose to set up shop right across the street from Gotham's most seedy nightclub, given his penchant for going after the city's most corrupt figures.

What's more, The Riddler's hidden hideout was all part of his plot to attack Gil Colson, played by Peter Sarsgaard, the district attorney for Gotham City. It's worth remembering that the Riddler savagely assaulted Colson in his car… outside the Iceberg Lounge.


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A Major Box Office Milestone Is Reached Before The Batman Streaming Debut

The Batman
The Batman

The Batman, directed by Matt Reeves, is poised to leave theatre exclusivity. The Warner Bros. picture has surpassed important box office milestones in recent weeks.

The Batman grossed $386.1 million worldwide and $365 million domestically, making it the highest-grossing picture of 2022. The Batman reportedly made $751.1 million globally following Easter. It was due to air on HBO Max on April 18.

The Batman was initially set for April 19, but HBO Max was announced a day sooner. WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar previously said The Batman would be released on streaming 45 days after the theatrical premiere.

Take HBO's release schedule eight to nine months after the theatrical release. “On day 46 of HBO Max, the Batman will appear… That's a big change from 2018, 2017, and 2016.”

Both reviewers and moviegoers lauded the picture. People love it for its strong characters, gritty take on the Batman legend, and stellar ensemble.

The Batman
The Batman

However, until Reeves published a deleted clip online, at least one cast member may not have had their role adequately showcased. The short featured Batman and the Joker, both played by Robert Pattinson.

In the brief encounter, the Clown Prince of Crime teased the vigilante and compared the Riddler to the Caped Crusader's campaign and demeanor. Unlike the theatrical release, the deleted sequence showed Keoghan as the legendary supervillain.

There will also be a deleted scene featuring Catwoman and the Penguin, performed by Zoe Kravitz and Colin Farrell. The expert thief confronts the mafia at the 44 Below Club in the Iceberg Lounge, looking for her missing roommate.

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