The Apology Movie Review – Is It a Terrible Tale?

The Apology Movie Review: The Apology is like Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman, but with a dash of gloomy holiday spirit. Since the intruder here isn't a stranger but rather a member of the family, first-time filmmaker Alison Star Locke is less interested in the typical thrills associated with such a story. Locke achieves much with relatively few means in his Christmas morality play The Apology, which successfully conjures up both sadness and suspense.

The Apology Movie Review in Detail

In horror stories, a knock is always audible. The hollow echo of a fist striking a wooden door frame is an age-old yet effective omen of danger & in this case it foretells not only the coming of Darlene's brother-in-law Jack, but something far worse. Jack seems affable at first, but Darlene quickly picks up on his obvious attempt at making up for his earlier misfortune when his car broke down & he was left alone. He apologizes in a mysterious way, brings sentimental gifts & waxes poetic about books & their brief romance from 20 years ago.

However, there is still one more thing he needs to get out of his system. Given the nature of the plot & the cast, Jack's confession is not exactly shocking. Actually, it happens at the movie's 3rd mark. The unfiltered, raw emotional force of her 2 characters is Locke's skill as a director & storyteller, rather than the plethora of twists & reversals typical of locked room thrillers. Roache & Gunn in particular keep The Apology grounded, embracing the opportunity to cull from dark places, deposing the other with such grace & prowess. Even when the plot cruises effortlessly from A to B, they remain eminently, heartbreakingly watchable.

The Apology Movie Review

The overt genre components aren't as successful as they should have been, & they oddly recall another winter-set home thriller from a few years ago called Knuckleball. It dealt in sleazy, nasty information, much like The Apology. Both were also better at building tension than resolving it. Composer Uèle Lamore's score is as dissonant as ever, giving the listener a sick feeling in the pit of their stomach that effectively complements the increasing urgency of the scenario.

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It's fitting that Jack Caswell was responsible for the cinematography, which looks bleak. Locke employs savvy blocking to show how the power balance is always shifting between Darlene & Jack as they each try to gain what they want from Locke. The Apology is not nearly as harsh as it initially seems. For that, perhaps this year's No Exit is the best option for moviegoers. In spite of this, the gore in The Apology is effective. A interesting chamber piece about unforgivable mistakes, hidden truths, and sins.

Final Thoughts

A terrible tale is conveyed in a terrible way in The Apology. It misreads its protagonist, underplays the importance of character growth, and breaks its own rules. The movie also fails to appreciate how much the stakes of the thriller are lowered. By having a killer who wants to die paired with a victim who won't kill.

By giving in to the revenge dream it so desperately wants to show. The film becomes a final torment for its protagonist, who, by being true to her principles. It is made to relive the catastrophe she imagined for twenty years. While the film intends to provoke emotional release, all it ends up doing is providing viewers with trigger warnings.

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