The Apology Ending Explained: Why Jack Never Got Caught?

The Apology Ending Explained: The new Shudder thriller-drama “The Apology” is serviceable enough for casual viewing, but it won't stick with you for very long. Darlene, the film's protagonist, is a sober alcoholic who is hosting Christmas dinner for her family after a long absence when she gets a knock at the door. “The Apology” is a pleasant and reasonably competent film that succeeds in most of its endeavors. In this article, we will read about The Apology Ending Explained. Keep reading to know in detail.

The Apology Plot Summary

Darlene Hagen is anxious about hosting Christmas dinner for her extended family for the first time in a very long time. Darlene is concerned that she will not do a good enough job as a hostess because she has not done one of these events in a long time. Darlene's best friend & next-door neighbor Gretchen provides her with much-needed company & encouragement as she adjusts to life on her own. When Darlene receives the link to a recent video interview she conducted about her past, details about her life begin to emerge.

The Apology Ending Explained

Darlene's daughter Sally, then 16 years old, disappeared 20 years ago & has never been located. The search for Sally's whereabouts, despite Darlene & her family's best efforts, yielded no results & eventually, hope was abandoned. Darlene's husband had apparently also given up since he had apparently divorced her for her inability to accept defeat. After 20 years, Darlene was still conducting interviews & maintaining a website in search of concrete evidence relating to Sally. Gretchen had to go as the night wears on & a horrible snowfall rages outside, leaving Darlene alone.

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Darlene had a history of drinking before her daughter went missing, but she has been sober for almost 20 years now. A gloomier mood pervaded her day than normal & she was just about to swallow a shot of vodka when the doorbell rang & she heard someone knocking. It's Darlene's long-estranged ex-brother-in-law Jack & she's surprised to see him at this late hour & in the middle of a snowstorm. Darlene's sister Julie was once married to & had children with Jack, but he abruptly up & left town with his family & the children 19 years ago. The man claims he has a lot to confess to Darlene & some apologies to make after returning to her after all these years.

The Apology Ending Explained

Probably Jack raped Sally because he saw something of Darlene in her. Sally began screaming & he put his palm over her mouth in an attempt to silence her. When Jack tried to pull Sally closer, she resisted & he ended up breaking her neck. Jack declares his love for Darlene the moment he lays eyes on her. Their history is littered with events that lead in this direction. To start, he continues the family tradition of reading & chocolate consumption by giving Darlene a book & some treats. According to Darlene, the custom of giving out books & candies was begun by Jack.

The Apology Ending Explained

As for Darlene, Jack says he loved her too but didn't ask her out. Because they were both married at the time. Later, in the kitchen, Jack made a move on Darlene & would have gone through with it if she hadn't stopped him. The man initially explains his behavior toward Sally by saying that he let himself be tricked. Because she looked so familiar to Darlene. This is Jack's roundabout way of explaining that he sought to have sexual relations with Darlene's daughter, Sally after he realized he couldn't have her.

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There is a gradual shift in Jack's original statement as the movie unfolds. He claims that he & Sally engaged in consensual sexual activity before Sally began screaming. Jack refuses to accept that he was wrong & committed a horrible crime in his interaction with Sally, therefore he remains in denial about it. As a result, when we consider all the evidence, we might conclude that Jack has always had feelings for Darlene. When Jack realized that he had raped a 16-year-old girl who might blow his cover. He knew he had to do something to calm Sally down or risk losing everything. But Sally wouldn't listen, so Jack had her murdered & buried somewhere hidden.

Why Jack Never Got Caught?

For some reason, Jack was never apprehended since there were credible witnesses who covered for him. Peter, his friend, says Jack was with him the day Sally disappeared. Peter is telling the truth, but Jack was already with him at that point. In addition, the police made a blunder by questioning Jack a full week after the homicide.

Jack admits to the crime, Darlene shoots him & then Jack tries to kill Darlene. But her friend Gretchen rushes to the rescue when she hears the gunshot. Darlene then asks Jack once more to detail the events of that day. Jack wonders whether she is recording the conversation on her friend's smartphone, but she isn't.

Upon telling the truth, Jack suggests to Darlene that she kills him. After Darlene hears the truth from Jack, she reconsiders her decision not to kill him. The film concludes with the sound of a police siren. We learn that Darlene has been recording the entire incident on Sally's tape recorder.

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