The Andy Griffith Show Review: Is It Worth Watching Again?

The Andy Griffith Show Review: THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW (CBS, 1960-1968) is Andy Griffith's first and best television show.

Griffith; who earned a name for himself with NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS on Broadway; TV; and the big screen; might have transformed it into a weekly comedy series.

Instead, Griffith was given a unique premise about the lives of a southern sheriff in Mayberry.

To a whistling tune; the play opens with a man and his little son heading towards the pond with fishing rods slung over their shoulders.

“The Fishing Hole” has become one of the rare occasions where an eight-season successful series returns to the same basic premise.

The conversion from black and white to color; as well as the growth of the sheriff's little son; were modest alterations over the years.

This wholesome sitcom focused not just on Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) but also on the residents of Mayberry; North Carolina; throughout its eight seasons.

Is the Format Changing?

Naturally, a long-running series would go through some significant or essential modifications.

The Andy Griffith Show Review

Having one core show with two alternative formats; such as the loss of key characters (Deputy Barney Fife) and the addition of others (Goober Pyle, Howard Sprague).

Unlike his clumsy deputy, Barney Fife, who not only dresses appropriately; ranging from tie; to the hat; and a revolver in his holster holding one bullet; Andy Taylor is described as an easy-going; occasionally laid-back sheriff who rarely wears his full uniform.

Andy and Barney join together for some amusing police work; with Andy playing the straight guy and Barney contributing his share of chuckles.

In the view of the public, Barney can be a bumbling fool at times.

Andy must show them wrong by assisting Barney in regaining his faith; usually by giving Barney credit that belongs to the sheriff himself.

Aside from their jobs as law enforcement officers in Mayberry, many episodes focused on their personal lives, particularly Andy, a widower/father to his little son Opie (Ronny Howard), who was cared for at home by his matron Aunt Bee (Frances Bavier).

He was romantically involved with Ellie Walker (Elinor Donahue), the lady druggist, in the first season of THE GRIFFITH SHOW.

Andy had new love interests occasionally throughout seasons two and three. Andy shed his strong Southern accent for a more natural tone by the time he found one in Helen Crump (Aneta Corsaut), Opie's school teacher.

Parents should be aware that, while The Andy Griffith Show has simplistic storylines and outmoded humor, it also teaches timeless values like responsibility, generosity, and the repercussions of one's actions.

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It's a bright, spotless — and very romanticized — depiction of strong family and community ties in a tiny town.


Is It Any Good?

This show was part of a TV trend that featured a family led by a widower father, which ironically embodied conventional family values.

The Andy Griffith Show Review

During a period when the country was undergoing considerable civil unrest and the Vietnam War, The Andy Griffith Show, which aired from 1960 to 1968, gave a welcome; albeit idealized; depiction of simple; calm American life.

Granted, the humor is old, the cast isn't particularly diverse, and the plots are simple (especially when compared to today's normal family sitcom).

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But it is Andy Griffith's focus on kindness and the significance of community that helps it stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Andy Griffith's Show Worth Watching?

“The Andy Griffith Show” is widely considered to be the best sitcom of all time.

The writing, direction, characters, and stories all worked together to create one of the best television shows of all time.

Andy Taylor (Griffith) is the sheriff of Mayberry, a fictional town in North Carolina.

Is Andy Griffith's Show Still a Hit?

Even though The Andy Griffith Show ended decades ago, it remains a beloved sitcom to this day.

What Is the Popularity of the Andy Griffith Show?

All three shows share a similar accomplishment.

The cheapest The Andy Griffith Show's highest Nielsen rating was eighth, indicating that the show spent its entire run on CBS in the top ten slots.

The show ranked No. 1 in Nielsen ratings when it ended in 1968.

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