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The Advent Calendar Ending Explained: Was Eva Able to Walk Once More?

The film presents an ancient advent calendar to Eva Roussel, a lady with paraplegia, on her birthday, December 3. An advent calendar begins on the first Sunday of Advent and concludes on December 24.

Each of the little doors has a date, and the construction mimics the board from Jumanji. To unlock these doors, you must do it at the time indicated on the sign on the door. Opening these doors and eating the peculiar sweets within them causes terrible nightmares for Eva, which alters the course of her life. How long will she be able to withstand the misery and pain till December 24?

The Advent Calendar, or Le Calendrier in French, was written and directed by Patrick Ridremont and starred Eugénie Derouand in the lead role. When she puts on a riveting performance, viewers are enthralled by the story she tells with ease. Let's continue investigating this intricate drama and figure out how it ends.

Plot Summary for “The Advent Calendar”

The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained
The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained

Former ballerina Eva Rouseel (Eugénie Derouand) sustained a spinal cord injury in a vehicle accident that left her paralyzed from the knees down. She works for an insurance company, Antonic Assurances, and lives alone with her dog, Marvin. Her stepmother, Agnes, has harsh Alzheimer's and lives with Eva's father in their family home.

The story begins on Eva's birthday, December 3. Eva, who is often depressed on her birthday, has a humdrum celebration with no cards or gifts from close relatives or friends. Sophie, her Berlin closest friend, arrived from Berlin just before midnight and surprised her.

She gives Eva a stolen wooden Advent calendar from a Munich Xmas Mart. Each day until Christmas, the wooden cabinet has a little door with a surprise. There's a nasty warning on the back: “Dump it, and I'll murder you.”

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Once Eva has devoured the chocolate, she is forever linked to the beast which dwells inside the advent calendar. The chocolates hidden within the calendar's little doors have rules inscribed on the wrappers that describe how they should be consumed. Unless she swallows all of them, the mysterious creature will kill her.

Eva finds her father's favorite chocolate in one of the doors, and as soon as she consumes it, her father calls her on a phone that has been disconnected. For a while, Eva begins to put her faith in the magical creature's capacity to bring back her ability to walk by opening all the doors. However, it necessitates bloodshed, as do all terrible magical rites. Is Eva ready to make a long-term commitment to the relationship?

What Were Horrors Inflicted on Eva's Life Because of the Calendar?

The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained
The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained

Eva's soul was connected to the wooden Advent Calendar by evil magic, and she was thus made an enslaved person and an enslaver by the thing that lived inside. After Boris tried to torment Eva on December 5, the cursed magic shielded her from harm.

Boris's automobile was crushed to death as a form of retaliation by the object of its vengeance. Eva discovered a loving sweet at the house next door that helped her captivate William, a young nurse, and win his heart.

As a kind of vengeance against Eva's former employer, John Antonich, who had let her go, magic unleashed more of its terrible effects. After committing so many heinous crimes, Eva realized the true meaning of dark magic: “To cure pain, kill that which has caused it.”

A “Jesus” shaped candy was put on the calendar regularly, causing Eva's paralyzed legs to feel a feeling. She was confident in her recovery and kept trying to open the door at midnight, even though she knew she wouldn't be able to walk again.

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In exchange for Eva's calendar, she provided candies to her father, who had been momentarily cured of his Alzheimer's. If Eva wished to walk again, it would cost the lives of others. And the monster would murder Eva if she refused to offer up the lives of her loved ones, friends, and strangers.

Trying to spare Eva from the horror, Eva's new lover, William, dropped the calendar in the river. When the demon reappeared, William was brutally slain. Helpless, Eva could not do anything except watch as others around her were killed by her selfish decisions.

Was Eva Able to Walk Once More?

The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained
The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained

Eva had to inflict pain on herself to heal her legs, as stated in the game's regulations. Eva had suffered catastrophic spinal cord damage in a vehicle accident, as was shown in a flashback sequence.

Sophie was behind the wheel that day and likely distracted by her cellphone, which ultimately led to the crash. Simply put, Sophie was the cause of Eva's limb paralysis, and as a result, she had no choice but to inflict pain on her closest friend to recover.

The monster viciously slaughtered Sophie and her partner at Eva's command. Eva was compelled to get up and walk by the beast. The last “Jesus” candy was handed to her on the 21st, and after tremendous bloodshed, she was miraculously able to walk again.

Who Was Aloïs Hoffman?

The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained
The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained

An advent calendar cursed like Jumanji had been around for a long time. A person would locate the wooden box each Advent season and unlock the doors. Before Eva, the calendar belonged to Alos Hoffman, a Berlin-based German painter.

Upon opening the wooden box, Eva saw a gruesome artwork as a warning from the prior owner to the new one. Because she could not make sense of the complex picture, she sought the assistance of Alos Hoffman.

After searching the property, Eva came into a blind Alos who claimed to have been blind for five years and could not have painted it. When Eva insisted, Aloys touched the artwork that brought back memories of the horrors he perpetrated under the power of evil magic last year.

Like Eva, Alos may have been a painter until he was blinded in an accident. To entice him into its clutches, the black magic offered the promise of an insight into his soul or the capacity to paint again. Every wonderful thing, however, comes with a price and necessitates a bloody price to be paid.

The picture depicts Alos as having murdered his wife and son last year to protect himself from the monster. However, his wife and child are still living in the present day. As a result, it's possible to deduce that the calendar's horrors are reversed once the last door marked with December 24 is opened.

Was the Magic a One-time Thing, or Did It Last Forever?

The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained
The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained

Eva was terrible for murdering her dog and best friend, Sophie, for a limited period. However, when she learned that they would be revived, she felt some relief. On December 24, if Eva were to unlock the final door, the clock would go back to the start of the month.

After that, Eva had no qualms about killing even more people. Agnes, her stepmother, and Ms. Lemaire were both brutally killed by her. For Christmas Eve, Eva even shot her father in the skull.

Antoine, a dashing hottie, joined Eva in her regal room at James Leon Palace for the final night of her fantastic vacation. Eva made a substantial amount of money using the “My Trader Online” software. She opted to spend the money since she knew it would be gone when the enchantment ended.

Eva recorded a message for the following uses of the magical calendar just before midnight on the patio. She warned that if they don't follow the calendar's regulations, the deaths they inflict will be irreversible.

An Explanation of the Climax of “The Advent Calendar”

The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained
The Advent Calendar Movie Ending Explained

In the final door, Eva discovered a magical candy that would restore normalcy and undo the deaths of those who had been snatched away. Eva was about to finish her last piece of candy when Antoine went out onto the balcony and informed her that the rules only required allegiance until the final door was unlocked. The previous sweet was no longer necessary, and she was free to enjoy her new body/new life until she died.

However, in the guise of magic, Eva killed her closest friend, her dog, and her father. When she arrived at her new home, she could not appreciate it because of the weight of her past. Eva screamed in anguish when she saw the final piece of candy. The film ended before she had a chance to make a decision.

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When Eva's door was knocked on by a guy with a baby in his arms a year later, she was surprised. On his phone was the recording of Eva's warning. As a result, it's reasonable to assume that Eva ate the last piece of candy she had on hand that day.

She again used a wheelchair after losing her ability to walk. That was all an illusion, and she couldn't have afforded to kill so many innocent people for her selfish reasons. In the end, Eva made the correct choice.

Patrick Ridremont is the man behind the camera for The Advent Calendar, a horror movie slated for release in 2021.

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