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The 24 Names 24 Motives Instagram Challenge Explained!

You may have encountered a few online games and challenges while locked at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many of you commit to playing board games or quiz games, others may want to pass the time by completing goofy small challenges and sharing them on social media.

The “24 Names 24 Motives” challenge is one such challenge that has been circulating on Instagram. We'll go through the “24 Names, 24 Motives” challenge, how to play it, and the list of questions you'll need to answer to finish it in this post.

What Is the Instagram Challenge “24 Names, 24 Motives”?

The “24 Names, 24 Motives” challenge has a basic premise. On your Instagram story, you'll provide a list of 24 names that will serve as direct responses to the 24 questions that have previously been set.

The term 24 Names 24 Motives comes from the fact that the number before each name symbolizes a question, providing a reason for putting them in that particular spot on the list.

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The fun aspect is that you aren't required to explain why you chose those names for your story, and you can only do so if they decide to participate in the challenge and make their list.

How Do You Go About Playing It?

The “24 Names, 24 Motives” challenge works like this: if you notice a post with 24 names, you can ask the person who posted it to share the questions.

You merely have to “ask whether you're going to do it” as far as this is concerned.

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You can then design your own story by naming or tagging the people to their relevant numbers once you get the questions from the person.

How Can You Make a 24 Names Template? 24 Reasons

If you've opted to participate in the “24 Names, 24 Motives” challenge, you can take it further by editing templates on your Instagram story.

One method is to go to the 24 Names 24 Motives Template, click Make it, and create a custom template by picking your backdrop color or image, as well as different number styles, and then storing the template image on your phone.

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You may also change the aspect ratio, typeface, heading, padding, and size to make your image stand out among your friends and followers. Here are a few templates we created with the technology mentioned above.

You can save them and use them as templates for your own 24 Names, 24 Motives challenge on Instagram.

What Are the Meanings of Each of Those Numbers?

If you accept any of your friends' nominations for the 24 motivations 24 names challenge, you will be given a list of 24 questions for which you must name or tag the persons.

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If you wish to start the challenge with your friends or if you're curious about what these questions are without actually asking for them, Reddit user Peach-Bleach has compiled a list of questions:

Who Was the Last Person You Spoke With?

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Are you interested in participating in the 24 Motives 24 Games challenge? If there's anything else you'd like to know about a challenge, let us know in the comments area.

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