That 90s Show Ending Explained: That 90s Show Ending Explained?

Here we will provide you with “That 90s Show Ending Explained” What's up, Wisconsin? In That '90s Show, a sequel offshoot to Netflix's cult classic That '70s Show, a new generation of Point Place teenagers arrives. The newcomers spend the summer of 1995 in the Formans' basement, much like the old gang did, getting high & coming of age.

The adolescent daughter of Eric & Donna spends the summer at her grandfather Red & grandmother Kitty Forman's house in That '90s Show. She makes some great new connections, possibly even a lifelong romantic partner.

Leia has to make some tough decisions in the season one finale as she gets ready to leave Point Place & return to Chicago for the start of the new school year. Will her relationship with Jay survive the distance, or does she have someone else in mind?

Plot Synopsis

Eric and Donna are visiting home for the 4th of July weekend and along with them is their daughter Leia. Eric is concerned that Leia no longer needs him, but Donna assures him that this is a natural part of Leia's development as a person.

Though Leia is a bit of a nerd & doesn't have many friends, she quickly bonds with her next-door neighbor Gwen. Gwen introduces Leia to her family & friends, including her brother Nate, his girlfriend Nikki, his best buddy Jay & last but not least, Ozzie.

Leia joins them for a drink & has so much fun that she convinces her parents to let her spend the summer in Point Place. The two were supposed to attend space camp together, but Eric refuses her attendance at first. After consulting with Donna, he changes his mind & lets her stay.

That 90s Show Ending Explained

It's a mixed blessing for Red, who is happy to have his granddaughter stay but dreads having teens back in the house. Sherri, Gwen & Nate's mother, is a hot mess & the new neighbor.

She has been seeing Fez, the owner of a salon chain in her area, but she feels she needs to break up with him since he is extremely needy. She initially asks Kitty to assist her, but when that doesn't work, she turns to Red for assistance.

Jay, son of Michael Kelso & Jackie Burkhart, immediately begins flirting with Leia. As Leia has never kissed someone before, Ozzie & Gwen encourage her to do it. During this time, she & Jay have a pleasant interaction & she finds herself attracted to him.

In order to prepare himself for coming out to his parents, Ozzie tells Kitty that he is gay. Jay has feelings for Leia & she returns those feelings, but their relationship is complicated when Gwen & Nikki advise them to “play hard to get.”

Despite the fact that Leia tells Jay she would prefer to be friends with him & that she shares his feelings, he treats her rudely. She is just messing with Jay's head, though, because he winds up seeing another girl named Serena.

When Jay doesn't show up to Leia's birthday celebration, she's disappointed. She also invited Serena, but she didn't see her. By the end of the day, Jay has crept into her room & they had kissed & agreed to go out together.

Leia's grandparents, Red & Kitty, aren't thrilled that she's dating a Kelso & they definitely don't approve of Jay, but the teen couple does their hardest to win them over. Because of their fathers' divorce, Nate & Gwen are frequently at odds with one another.

An argument arises between Nikki & Nate when the latter becomes anxious that his girlfriend will abandon him after she leaves for college. He has serious doubts about her long-term goals.

Leia and Gwen and Jay's ambitions collide as the summer winds down. She goes on a date with Jay, which angers Gwen, but the two later make up and reassure each other that they are still best friends and won't ever stop being there for one another.

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As the new school year approaches, Kitty decides to apply for the position of school nurse despite her reservations about her continued viability for the role. After some assistance from Nikki & encouragement from Red, she is able to land the position she had been after.

That 90s Show Ending Explained: So, What Exactly Transpired Between Leia & Jay?

After seeking advice from Kitty, Sherri Runck decided to quit her relationship with Fez and pursue her own goals in life. Fez was unwilling to end her relationship, as she had just opened a successful salon. He managed to persuade Kitty by declaring his undying devotion to Sherri and his promise to stand by her side no matter what.

When Fenton wore the wig, the grouchy landlord relented and allowed Sherri to stay with him. Red's attitude reminded Sherri of her late father, with whom she had many unsolved issues. Red was the type of man that was easily angered and frustrated whenever he was disturbed. Red addressed her because he didn't like being the source of so many unpleasant flashbacks for her.

That 90s Show Ending Explained

Red may have come across as unyielding and unpleasant at first, but he was actually a nice person who genuinely cared about those closest to him. Because he struggled to put his feelings into words, he was frequently misinterpreted. The story of how he began competing with Leia's maternal grandfather Bob and ended up giving her an automobile that belonged to Eric is both hilarious and endearing.

On the one hand, Sherri and Fez patched things up, but on the other, Leia was at a loss as to what she would do once she returned to Chicago. Even though Jay was doubtful about a long-distance relationship with Leia, he hadn't told her that he had already decided to break up with her.

Leia had to make a tough decision between her best friend and her boyfriend. She was looking forward to spending time with Gwen and Ozzie, but she was late getting to the country club. Even though Leia and Gwen eventually made up, she was still confused about how to handle Jay.

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When Leia & Nate started having feelings for each other, things almost got steamy before Gwen arrived & was completely taken aback. Recently, Nate has developed significant insecurities over his relationship with Nikki.

When Nikki left for college, Nate knew he would be in a similar position to Leia's in a few years. This prompted some introspection, and he realized there was something about Leia that made him feel safe enough to reveal his deepest thoughts and feelings to her.

Though she deeply cared for Jay, the spark and familiarity she found in Nate left her wondering. Leia returned from the summer break with a newfound sense of self-assurance and the realization that she need not constantly second-guess her abilities or value to the world.

When she had good people on her side, she knew she could do anything. Leia returned to Chicago and said she would stay in touch with everyone, so that next summer she could be spotted at Red and Kitty's.