Thanks to Scorpio Abel for the opportunities in Palmeras and the jokes about the post-change scene against CRP | Palm trees

Video of Gustavo Scarpa transforming into success Palm trees Against CRB, in Macy’s last week, it went viral on social media, but this is something that has already been thwarted by the athlete from Verto.

The attacking midfielder used good humor to talk about his dissatisfaction with leaving the team, when he kicked the bench at the Ray Beale ground.

– It was very quiet, things happening. He has experience in football and I am no longer a guy. We take it out of the letter. People tried to create a storm in the tea, but to no avail. It was great – the athlete said in an interview with Radio Pontirandes.

– If I had known the video was coming out, I could have kicked it hard. This is another scene, I didn't kick properly (laughs).

Abel Ferreira and Gustavo Scorpa in the match between Palmeras and Chapcoins – Photo: Caesar Greco / AG Palmeras

After serving on the left side in the 2020 season, Gustavo Scarpa has more chances in his original position in 2021. With more room with Abel Ferreira, attacking midfielder Sao Paulo had a key role in the final length of the championship, and continues the preference for the starting lineup.

– Always chosen to play out of position sometimes (laughs). When the team goes bad, it is usually left to the guy who is out of position. Me Tudu, Ron, Wesley, can not be compared to another style of play. Slightly annoying when you start using it only in another position, you are not straight. In one game, he comes in at the end, and then at the other end, on the side … I'm happy, I thank Abel, he called me to talk, he said I was going to fight for a place in my position this season – he announced.

– In this final extension of the Ballista and some Libertadores games, when I started to use the middle, I think I would do legal shows again and again. But I didn’t use this to defend myself … no one was watching, I didn’t want to know if Scorpa was playing right-wing, left-wing, he just wanted Scorpa to play, that’s all. This series, which I had with Abel, was the first event I could play in my position at Palmyra for more than three years. I am happy about it and try to take advantage of opportunities.

Palmeiras returns to the field at 7pm this Wednesday to play a return game against CRP for the third leg of the Copa du Brazil. A 1-0 draw in the day's game gives Verdio the advantage of a draw in the fight for a place in the 16th round of the knockout tournament.

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