Terrifier 2 Release Date: Storyline, Cast Members, Trailer | Where to Watch It?

Terrifier introduced audiences to the motiveless mass-killing mime Art the Clown in 2016. Art, perhaps the most terrifying clown in horror history (sorry, Pennywise), terrorizes and mutilates partygoers on Halloween night.

Six years later, the film's creator, Damien Leone, has assembled the second episode of what might be an even more significant, gorier, and more horrifying thriller than initially imagined.

Following the success of Terrifier, writer/director Damien Leone was under pressure to sell the rights to his Art the Clown character and pare down his more ambitious script for Terrifier 2.

Rather than accepting the terms of larger studios, Leone sought funding from private investors and launched an Indiegogo campaign in which fans donated to the production of the second film, allowing Leone to stay true to his vision; a vision that extends beyond a sequel, with Leone stating that he has enough material for a Terrifier 3, and possibly a Terrifier 4.

In fact, within the first week, fans raised over three times the goal, totaling more than $250,000 at the end of the campaign. Leone and the Terrifier 2 team have tried something new with this money and fan support.

Terrifier 2 will be the first step toward his fans' biggest wishes, or nightmares, as the new protagonist of the Terrifier story appears ready to become the leader of a probable next Terrifier film series.

What is the Story of Terrifier 2?

It's been a year since Art the Clown went on his Halloween murdering rampage in Terrifier 2, and as the holiday approaches, the reanimated murderer stalks his next victims. Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan discuss their Halloween plans with their mother.

Terrifier 2 Release Date

Who becomes concerned when Jonathan mentions dressing up as the evil clown? The same clown who subsequently appears on their doorstep covered in blood, or creeping up behind Sienna at a local costume store, or on the stage of a children's show.

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Sienna and her friends are planning a stress-free night of partying, but when she receives a call from Jonathan, she realizes something is wrong. Will Sienna be able to save her younger brother, or will she become a typical, tragic final girl?

Leone was chastised for his first film's lack of narrative, though some argue that this made the picture even more horrifying, citing Gabe from The Office US, who famously claimed that even the plot is soothing in horror films. In any case, the filmmaker set out to write a character-driven screenplay for the sequel.

As a result, the teenage main character, Sienna Shaw, was created early in Leone's career for a movie that was later canceled. Now, the heroine character, dressed in her angel outfit, has a prominent part in what could be the first of many future Terrifier endeavors.

Who is in the Terrifier 2 Cast?

Art, the Clown, will be played again by David Howard Thornton. Thornton, best known for his lineless role, is also a voice actor who starred in Nightwing: Escalation as another insane clown, The Joker (yeah, that one). Lauren LaVera, best known for her role as Ciara in the 2017 Netflix Marvel series Iron Fist, will play protagonist Sienna Shaw.

Terrifier 2 Release Date

Elliot Fullman, an up-and-coming actor who began his career in 2018 with the television series Instinct, will play the serial killer-obsessed, Jonathan. Fullman has recently lent his voice to the children's series Get Rolling with Otis.

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Will Any of the Original Film's Cast Members Return?

Samantha Scaffidi returns as Victoria Heyes from the first film, who narrowly escapes Art the Clown, but she may be challenging to spot behind her new Gorey prosthetics. Vicky, the final female in the first film, just avoided being eaten by Art, who ate the flesh from her face as she lay helpless on the ground.

Terrifier 2 Release Date

Vicky's new appearance demonstrates the extent of the clown's harm before his apparent death. In addition, the two police officers who were present will make cameo appearances, as will Michael Leavy, the beheaded exterminator from the first Terrifier, who plays the Club Announcer in the sequel.

When Will Terrifier 2 Be Released?

After years of negotiating with studios, seeking funding, and temporarily halting development in 2020, Leone and the Terrifier team have revealed an official release date. Terrifier 2 will be released on October 6, 2022, just in time for Halloween, following its world premiere at FrightFest in late August.

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Where Can You Watch Terrifier 2?

Terrifier 2 will have a limited theatrical run before becoming available exclusively on the Screambox streaming platform. Brad Miska, managing director of the Screambox and Bloody Disgusting media brands, has previously expressed his delight for the slasher finding a home on the site and stated that fans are unprepared for what is to come.

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