Terraformers – What We Know So Far

What Is Terraformers?

Terraformers is a massive colony-building and resource-management game with a lot of potential.


Exploration of the Red Planet, construction of beautiful cities, the spread of life, and the terraforming of the planet are all possible through ambitious undertakings.

Release Date

Terraformers is planned for a Q2 2022 release. Stay tuned for more updates!

Is there a trailer?

There is a trailer. Check it out:

Terraformers Early Access

Why Early Access?

The developers state, “It has been three years since we started developing Terraformers. The player feedback we received on the free Prologue has already helped us tremendously to improve the game, and we hope to achieve similar levels and quality of feedback during this last stage of development, in order to make the game as good as we can make it. Also, we think that the game is already in a state that it provides interesting and fun gameplay, and we don’t want to keep that from the players.”

How long will the game be in early access?

The devs estimate that the game will be in Early Access for 6 months.

Will the full version differ from the early access version?

The entire game will contain mechanics and features that are comparable to the Early Access version, but it will also include a plethora of intriguing projects that you can undertake, lifeforms that can be spread, leaders that can be hired, and events that can take place.


In addition, we will incorporate player comments into the overall game in order to improve the overall user experience and alter various UI elements.

Finally, during the Early Access period, we will continue to refine the game, even more, adding animations and improving the overall quality of the experience.

Key Features of Terraformers

  • Experiencing the Red Planet – Send your leaders to enigmatic regions and be the first to find rich resource depots, massive crystal cave systems, and breathtaking natural wonders.
  • Make your cities better – Discover new towns atop craters and in lava tubes by exploring them. Make them thrive so that they can meet the increasing demands of your population.
  • Manage your resources – mine the rare metals of Mars, refine them into advanced goods, and build a reliable transportation system to connect your ever-expanding cities.
  • Terraform with ambitious ambitions – Terraform is a terraforming company. Reinitiate a volcano or smash ice asteroids into the Earth's atmosphere to geo-engineer the entire planet's climate.
  • From spreading adaptable bacteria to planting mature forests with bears, you can become a life-long gardener of all kinds. Each living type has its own set of requirements and offers its own set of strategic advantages.

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