Terra Invicta Takes the XCOM Franchise and Transforms It Into a Grand Strategy Game in the Vein of the Expanse!

As an example, consider the video game XCOM and imagine a more realistic scenario in which humanity had ample notice and global politics were less readily aligned.

Then you throw in some Newtonian physics, and you've got yourself (probably) the grand strategy game you've been waiting for.

Developed by Pavonis Interactive, the team behind XCOM's The Long War mods, the game's ‘alien invasion' scenario has been completely deconstructed in order to create a top-down high strategy game in which defeating (or embracing) the aliens is a decades-long endeavor. XCOM: Enemy Unknown will be released on October 26th.

Terra Invicta

This game's take on the hidden organization theme is maintained when the player assumes the leadership role of one of the numerous factions, each of which has its own agenda, win conditions, and overall position on the looming alien presence.

For the most part, the game is about battling for influence and control over world governments, with geopolitics that is broadly comparable to those currently in effect today.

Terra Invicta

While conventional troops and equipment are available, this is not a game in the vein of Paradox in which you are attempting to paint the map in your own image.

If you want access to their resources and, more significantly, their space projects, you must try to dominate these governments from within their own ranks.

Here's an older trailer that gives you a general idea of what the film is about:

In order to grow and industrialize the solar system, you must first kick-start the world's space race in order to achieve success in the game's early stages.

Many details regarding how the aliens function and who they are were left unsaid during our presentation due to spoiler concerns, but you already know they're coming and that they'll be equipped with far more advanced technology than you.

Terra Invicta games, according to Pavonis, will endure a couple of in-game decades, during which you will be required to push humanity's space capabilities as far as they possibly can.

A number of different starting scenarios are being developed, including one for a Cold War context and another for a little more sophisticated setting that skips over a significant amount of the early game growth.

Terra Invicta

There is a separate tactical mode that is used for space warfare, and it is carried out in real-time (with pause).

This game employs Newtonian physics (as does reality), and conflicts are structured in a manner similar to that of Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, which simulates tactical space battle.

Your ships are constantly in motion, and you have the ability to modify movement and positioning at any time to account for opponent activities.

Currently, in development, Terra Invicta is scheduled for release on Steam in late 2021. It is being published by Hooded Horse, who is also responsible for the space RTS Falling Frontier and 4X game Alliance of the Sacred Suns.

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