Tell Me Your Lies Season 2 Release Date Updates And Every Details You Need!

The first season of “Tell Me Your Secrets” exposed us to three characters whose lives were intertwined in very dark ways.

One of the characters was a woman in Witness Protection who was forced to start anew in a new town but quickly realized that she couldn't escape the horrors of her former life.

Another character was a woman searching desperately and with conviction for her daughter, who had been lost and assumed dead for several years.

The third character was a serial predator who had been recruited to carry out someone else's wicked deeds while simultaneously attempting to control his previous urges from resurfacing.

According to the overwhelmingly positive audience reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, viewers were left wanting more by the time the credits rolled on the season finale of Warner's fascinating, intricate plot that unfolded throughout the first 10 episodes of “Tell Me Your Secrets.”

  • Originally published: April 28, 2022
  • Author: Kate Ruby

There is Still No Renewal for Tell Me Your Secrets

It's not sure when “Tells Me Your Secrets” will return for a second season, despite the demands of its fans.

Tell Me Your Lies Season 2

  • Amazon has failed to renew the suspenseful drama starring Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, and Hamish Linklater as of late January 2022.
  • Similarly, it's hard to predict which cast members might return if “Tell Me Your Secrets” were renewed.
  • Given how Season 1 concluded, it is conceivable that Rabe, Brenneman, and Linklater would return to their respective roles because each character arc is still set up for development. Beyond this, no official Season 2 casting announcements have been made.
  • After its suspenseful season finale, “Tell Me Your Secrets,” Season 1 set up a captivating tale that might go to many different places.
  • Emma Hall (Rabe), a young woman newly freed from jail and put in Witness Protection after she was imprisoned to cover for her boyfriend Kit (Xavier Samuel), an endearing serial killer, is introduced to us in Season 1.
  • We also get to know Mary Barlow (Brenneman), a mother mourning the loss of her daughter, who was allegedly abducted and killed by Kit but who Mary still thinks is alive.
  • Mary is so confident that her daughter is still alive that she hires serial predator John Tyler (Linklater), who fights to control his urges for crime, to look into the matter.
  • Nearly every significant character on the show conflicts with Emma in the Season 1 conclusion, “The Dead Come Back.”
  • The Season 1 finale's most shocking revelation discloses Because Theresa dated Kit, Emma recalls that she did know Theresa.

Theresa is still very much alive in the second major revelation. Mary publicly blames Emma and won't accept the reality of her daughter.

What Occurs in Tell Me Your Secrets' First Season?

Tell Me Your Secrets Season 1 has three intertwining stories we follow. There's Karen/Emma (Lily Rabe), who was romantically involved with serial killer Kit (Xavier Samuel) but was unaware of his sinister tendencies.

Tell Me Your Lies Season 2

  • She was eventually imprisoned, stripped of some of her memories, and put into witness protection.
  • Mary (Amy Brenneman), who is searching for her kidnapped daughter and believes Kit is to blame, is another.
  • She won't stop looking, even if Kit is found dead. The last character is John (Hamish Linklater), who Mary asks for assistance in finding her daughter but also has some questionable habits of his own.
  • The stories change dramatically over the first season as Mary seeks desperately to learn more about her daughter and suspects Emma (who was Karen when she was with Kit) may know anything.

Emma can't remember everything from her history, despite memories gradually returning. Ultimately, it is revealed that Mary's daughter was Kit's accomplice in the crime and is not dead. Literally.

When Will the Second Season of Tell Me Your Secrets Debut?

In this case, your hunch is as good as ours. There is currently no information on Season 2 of the show, so it will likely take some time if it does happen. We'll have to wait for an announcement from Amazon before we can make a better judgment, which, if it does happen, will probably come at the earliest in 2023.

Who Will Be on the Tell Me Your Secrets Season 2 Cast?

It makes sense that the entire cast would return if Tell Me Your Secrets had a second season.

  • There were still many narratives to be told when Season 1 ended, and almost everyone was still there (Kit, who bit it way too early).
  • We'd ideally like to see at least Rabe, Brenneman, and Linklater come back to repeat their parts because of this.
  • Theresa (Stella Baker), Mary's daughter, returning for Season 2 would also be crucial because, lady, we need answers!
  • The timing may be ideal for Amazon to release a second season, given the cast's current commitments.
  • Although Rabe has been active since Season 1—she has shot two miniseries, two TV series, and three movies—she only has one project in pre-production.
  • The Old Man and Shining Girls were two TV programs that Brenneman shot this year, but he doesn't seem to be working on any new projects.
  • Immediately following Tell Me Your Secrets, Linklater had a memorable role in Midnight Mass. He also had a few additional productions in 2022.

He only has one new project in pre-production for the year as of July. Additionally, Baker's schedule appears to be open right now.