Teen Wolf: the Movie Ending Explained: Why Does Derek Make the Ultimate Sacrifice?

Warning: this review of the Paramount+ picture Teen Wolf will describe the film's climax. Teen Wolf: The Movie will supposedly be the seventh season of the series, as stated by creator Jeff Davis. Scott McFall returns to Beacon Hills after an earthquake has stranded a little girl underground with an enraged dog.

Dr. Deaton needs McFall's assistance to rescue the girl. Scott had the girl in his arms, but first, he finds out that a mysterious power has returned to town. The Nogitsune has returned and is currently on the hunt for werewolves and other cryptids.

It was revealed that Chris Argent had been infested by cunning lightning bug creatures when he was attacking local werewolves like Liam and Hikari. Even though Deaton assists in his release, he continues his search for Allison in the mistaken belief that she is still alive.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Plot Summary

To release the spirit of the Nogitsune, a masked man in Japan steals a jar from Liam and Hikari. The hooded figure makes a contract with Nogitsune to get revenge on Scott and his companions. Now a fully grown man, Scott McCall has returned to Los Angeles. Still an Alpha, he frequently lends a hand to Deaton.

McCall has lost track of his group. Everyone has forgotten about it and gone on. On a stormy night, Scott has vivid dreams about Allison. Chris Argent shows over at their house to have a conversation about the same thing. Like Allison, he is experiencing painful flashbacks.

Argent knows Allison is no longer with us, but if there is a life beyond death, she may be unable to fully transition. Fortunately, Argent is familiar with a ceremony that will allow them to aid Allison. For that purpose, they will have to return to Beacon Hills. Scott concludes that this indicates the group may benefit from reuniting the pack.

Teen Wolf: the Movie Ending Explained

It's a ritual, and Scott and his group are doing it right. One of the guides takes them to the Holy Grove. Eli, Derek's kid, who has been having trouble with his werewolf transformation, helps the pack locate it. For a while now, Derek has been encouraging him to acknowledge his Hale heritage.

Deaton had suspicions about Argent, and it turns out Argent was mentally unstable. In the end, Deaton defeats him and drives out the Nogitsune from within. Allison arrives safe and sounds at the Sacred Grove again. The group ambulances her off to the doctor. Allison can no longer recall any past events or people in her life.

The Nogitsune takes advantage of Allison's naiveté and convinces her that Scott and his pack are to blame for the death of her family. After that, Allison goes on a quest for Scott and the gang. Sometime thereafter, she finds discovers Derek and Eli and attempts to eliminate them, too. Timely intervention from Liam and Hikari thwarts her plan.

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He hopes they will enjoy watching the mayhem he causes for Scott. The Nogitsune has planned a reenactment of the attack that originally murdered Allison. This time, though, it won't be Allison who passes away in Scott's arms.

Teen Wolf: The Movie Ending Explained

Who is the Hooded Figure?

Lydia and Jackson are still on the trail of the masked man, while Scott is busy with the Nogitsune. This masked man has sealed off a Lacrosse field with a ring of mountain ash, making it impossible for anybody to enter or leave. When Lydia and Jackson reach the same spot, they will be confronted by the masked man directly.

Their chemistry teacher, Adrian Harris, is revealed to be the man behind the mask. He sought out the Nogitsune because he wanted to avenge himself on Scott and his gang. Adrian Harris plans on having Lydia witness the deaths of her pals.

Teen Wolf: the Movie Ending Explained

As they struggle, Lydia once again sees her best friend Allison at her side. In an audible scream, she expresses her distress. Allison uses these screams as memory aids. By that moment, the Nogitsune had successfully grabbed Scott's bag.

Why Does Derek Make the Ultimate Sacrifice?

But Nogitsune points out to Scott that he, too, has the Alpha's strength. This causes Scott, Derek, and even Eli to transform into werewolves and attack him, but they are all trapped in an illusion until they work together to break free and find themselves on the mystical Nemeton stump.

Derek then made a decision to avoid total annihilation at the hands of the Big Bad. He holds the villain at bay and tells Scott that his son has joined his pack. He then gives the order for his hellhound, Parrish, to set them on fire. When Derek gives his life, why does he do it? In order to spare his son's life.

The party has returned to the stadium to find it deserted and dark. They're all safe for the time being. Scott shares his feelings about Derek with the congregation at his memorial service. Scott and Allison are rejoicing in their reunion.

At long last, detainee Adrian Harris is transferred to the secure confines of Eichen House. As the film closes, we see Eli standing on a hill overlooking the city. Radiance emanates from his eyes, and he seems in complete command of his powers.

Where Does Everyone End Up?

A funeral for Derek is held by Scott's pack. Eli receives Derek's Jeep keys from Sheriff Stilinski. Derek brought the jeep in after a tow and managed to fix it. That Jeep never had an issue over the years; much like Derek, it just kept going and going.

Keeping this Jeep in working order is important to Stilinski, and he hopes Eli will learn from his example and become just like him. In their future together, Scott and Allison hope to spend the rest of their lives. After such a long absence, Allison is concerned about how she will reintegrate herself into society.

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Beacon Hills' Eichen House is where Adrian Harris goes to get help for his mental health issues. Finally, after much anguish, Eli becomes a werewolf with the intention of eventually heading up his own pack.