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Taylor Lautner Net Worth: What Made Him So Famous?

Taylor Lautner Net Worth: Taylor Daniel Lautner is an actor, voice actor, martial artist, and model from the United States.  So far, he is best known for playing the werewolf Jacob Black in the fantasy film series “The Twilight Saga,” which is based on Stephanie Meyers's book series of the same name.

Taylor has also been in a lot of movies, including Abduction, Danny Phantom, Cuckoo, My Own Worst Enemy, Run the Tide, and many others. Taylor Lautner has also broken some records. He was named one of “Glamour's 50 Sexiest Men of 2010” and the “Highest-paid teen actor” in 2010.

Lautner has also won three “Junior World” titles in martial arts, in addition to being a well-known actor. How much is this well-known actor, voice actor, and model worth? So, let's find out how much money Taylor Lautner has made and how much his net worth is.

Taylor Lautner: Early Life And Career

Taylor Daniel Lautner was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on February 11, 1992. Lautner grew up in a Catholic family with a younger sister. He began acting at a very young age. Because of this, he was often picked on at school.

Taylor Lautner Net Worth

Even though this was frustrating for the young actor, he vowed to never let what other people thought to stop him from doing what he loved and pursuing his career. Taylor Lautner has been acting since he was a child. He started in the late 1990s.

In 2001, he got a part in the made-for-TV movie Shadow Fury. This was a big deal. In the years that followed, Lautner made a name for himself as a talented voice actor in animated shows like Danny Phantom, What's New, Scooby-Doo? , and Duck Dodgers.

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He did voice work for commercials as well. The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D was one of Lautner's first big roles. Critics liked him as the main character, even though they didn't like the movie as a whole. After being in the Twilight movies, Lautner went on to play the main character in the movie Abduction.

Taylor Lautner Net Worth

But the movie didn't do well at the box office or with critics. In 2013, he also worked with Adam Sandler on the movie Grown Ups 2, which most people agree is one of the worst movies ever made. He joined the cast of the TV show Cuckoo in 2014. In 2016, he got a part on the TV show Scream Queens that he would play more than once.

What is the Net Worth of Taylor Lautner?

As of the year 2022, according to celebrity net worth, Taylor Lautner has a net worth of $40 million. Even though he is only 30, he is a huge hit with young people and a heartthrob. He has a lot coming up, and he has a long career ahead of him.

Taylor Lautner: Relationships

Taylor Lautner Net Worth
Taylor dome with Taylor Lautner

After meeting on the set of the movie Tracers in 2013, Taylor Lautner started dating actress Marie Avgeropoulos. But in 2015, they broke up. In 2018, he started going out with Taylor Dome, who was a nurse.

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Taylor Lautner's Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.74 m)
Weight 76 kg (168 lbs) (approx.)
Race White
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown

Body Measurements

Chest Size 35 inches
Waist Size 29 inches
Arms/Biceps Size 14 inches

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Tall is Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner is 1.74 m tall and weighs 76 kg, according to his Wikipedia page (168 lbs). His hair is black, and the color of his eyes is brown.

What is the Real Name of Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner's real name is Taylor Daniel Lautner, which is also his birth name.

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