Taya Married at First Sight: Are Tayah and Adam Still Together?

This year, Married at First Sight UK came back with a bang, and viewers saw 16 single people marry a stranger for love.

And Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling are a couple we hope will make it to the end of the process and beyond. But where are Tayah and Adam now, and what happened to them? What we know is as follows.

Are Married at First Sight Uk's Tayah and Adam Still Together?

Tayah and Adam made it through the series. At the last commitment ceremony, they chose to stay together and are still together. They had a pretty easy time on the show. After only four days, the L-word was taken out of the equation.

And it looks like we might get the happy ending we've been hoping for since Tayah has given us a lot of strong hints that the couple will still be together after the last episode.

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The 25-year-old posted a picture from the second dinner party, where she and her boyfriend looked pleased. When a fan wrote, “He's a good guy x,” Tayah wrote back, “He is.”Morag Crichton and Luke Dawson could even hear them talking about babies.

Luke says, “You two seem to always be on the same page.”Tayah replied, “You know what we've been talking about; I'll be pregnant this time next year.”

Adam told him, “Don't drop that bomb.” “By the way, she's not pregnant. She's just having visions of it.” “By the way, we haven't agreed that's going to happen. She's just having visions.”


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Where is Tayah Victoria Now?

Tayah, who is 25 years old, seems to be living back in Welwyn Garden City and going to London. It's not clear if she's back to work as an Estate Agent, but she's been posting many selfies of herself having drinks with friends in the city and hanging out.

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Tayah talked about her MAFS journey and said, “I can't wait for everyone to see what we all went through. This was the most amazing and intense journey I've ever been on, but the lessons I learned along the way are ones I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

“I hope everyone enjoys this series as much as we did while making it.”

What's Up With Adam Aveling?

Adam, who is 26 years old, seems to have returned home to Doncaster after filming. He is an electrician by trade, but most of his time is spent at work or the gym. He also trains to be a fitness model and participates in fitness competitions.