Taxi Driver Season 3 Release Date: What Will the New Season Bring?

If the government does not offer the means for many individuals to access justice, does that mean those people should be denied the right to live? No way, no how. People will survive, and they will exact vengeance for the wrongs done to them in their lifetimes.

This is the work of the K-drama's Taxi Driver. Jeremy, a Seattle cab driver, is the protagonist of this series. The dramatic conclusion of Season 2 of Taxi Driver has left many viewers wondering if the show will be renewed for a third season.

Our veins have been churning with boiling blood ever since we finished watching the second season. After its 2021 premiere, the show quickly became a critical and commercial success thanks to its depiction of a just world. In this article, we will read about Taxi Driver Season 3 release date, cast and many more things, Keep reading to know more.

Taxi Driver Season 3 Release Date

In April of 2021, the first season of Taxi Driver premiered. Viewers all across the world have responded enthusiastically to the show's novel premise, giving it high ratings. Due to the overwhelming fan response and enthusiastic reviews of the first season, a second installment is scheduled for 2023.

The second season of the show premiered in February 2023 and concluded on April 16 of that year. The production team has announced that Taxi Driver will return for a third season, so fans can stop worrying about the show's future right now.

Taxi Driver Season 3 Release Date
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Fans, we're happy to see the vigilantes back for another season of violent and bloody episodes. We hope the show's premiere date will be announced soon, but we have to wait for the official announcement.

It's possible that the show might premiere in 2024. Production on the show has recently begun, within a matter of days to be precise. The producers will let us know when the highly anticipated series will premiere as soon as they reach a specific point in filming.

Will All The Cast Return In Taxi Driver Season 3?

Without a doubt, Lee Je Hoon will be back as Kim Do Gi. The actor has expressed hope for more seasons of this fantastic Kdrama in a number of interviews. The third season of the Korean drama Taxi Driver has officially been confirmed, and with it, fans are anticipating the return of Esom as Kang Ha Na.

Last year, Esom said that she would be unable to appear in Taxi Driver 2 because of a prior commitment. Since a third season of Taxi Driver has been confirmed, fans are crossing their fingers that she will be included in the cast.

As a result, we saw the Taxi Driver squad coming back together after each assignment. SBS did clarify, however, that the future season's cast and staff have not yet been finalized.

Taxi Driver Season 3: What Will the New Season Bring?

We all know that the events depicted in Taxi Driver are based on true stories. True crimes that have occurred in Korea have been portrayed in both seasons. As a result, season 3 will feature more crimes that actually occurred in Korea.

Taxi Driver Season 3 Release Dat

Offenses when the perpetrator avoided appropriate punishment. Season 3 will feature real-world situations, even though the show's premise relies on a webcomic called The Deluxe Taxi.

Ratings & Reviews of Taxi Driver Season 2

The second season finale of the SBS drama Taxi Driver featured a major breakthrough. In the past, the production team behind the Kdrama Taxi Driver honored the show by having several notable characters from other Korean dramas make unexpected guest appearances.

Former SBS Friday-Saturday drama stars Namgoong Min, Kim So Yeon, and even Moon Chae Won all made pivotal cameos as their interesting Kdrama characters. The presence generated so much buzz that the finale was dubbed “SBS Friday-Saturday Universe” by fans of the show.

Taxi Driver 2 received its highest ratings ever for a season finale because to its brilliant plot, stellar performances, and stunning visuals. According to a report by JoyNews24 on April 16th, the average audience for episode 16 of the Kdrama Taxi Driver 2 was above 21%.

The Korean drama had dominated its competition, which included The Real Has Come on KBS2TV (18.3%) and Pandora: Beneath the Paradise on tvN (3.2%). Not only that, but not even MBC's Joseon Attorney, which had previously engaged in controversial marketing stunts by making fun of Taxi Driver 2, was able to compete with this exceptional show.

Instead, the most recent episode of Joseon Attorney was canceled after receiving dismal audience figures of 2.2% on average. On top of everything else, the 2023 miniseries Taxi Driver 2 received the highest ratings ever for a Korean drama.

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