Taskmaster Series 12 Coming soon

Season 12 of Taskmaster has a fantastic new cast of celebrities eager to take on a new set of bizarre tasks. This BAFTA-winning and International Emmy-nominated comic game show has been delighting audiences for years, and the newest season will see the return of comedian Greg Davies as the all-powerful “Taskmaster.”

With the help of his devoted aide Alex Horne, he sets out to put five comedians to the test through a series of bizarre and surreal tasks in a game show format that Horne invented. Here's everything we know so far about the 12th Season, which is due to premiere on our screens very soon.

Who will Be the Part of Taskmaster Series 12

Fans of Taskmaster are used to fantastic lineups, and the broadcaster has announced Season 12's. Greg Davies and Alex Horne will be joined by five more comedians to take on their strange and amazing tasks.

  • Guz Khan (Man Like Mobeen)
  • Morgana Robinson (The Morgana Show
  • Alan Davies (QI)
  • Victoria Coren Mitchell (Only Connect)
  • Desiree Burch (Live At The Apollo)

How Previous Seasons Were Filmed?

The tasks are recorded individually with each candidate in a residence in Chiswick, London.  “I didn't appreciate how unrealistic it would be both in terms of money – and their life,” Alex Horne said in an interview about his first idea to carry out the duties in the comedians' homes.

Filming tasks takes about one day per competitor every episode, with eight tasks being filmed per day, and the days of filming are spaced out over several months. Contestants are not allowed to discuss their challenges before studio recording, and they are not given any footage from the assignments, thus studio responses are real.

The bulk of Taskmaster home, a former groundskeepers' cottage located on the fringes of a golf course in Dukes Meadows, Chiswick, are pre-recorded prior to each episode's transmission. During studio portions, two challenges are generally performed: an opening Prize task, in which each participant provides an object that fits a certain theme, all of which will be presented to the episode's winner; and a concluding “Live” task, in which the contestants perform onstage in the studio.

If there is a tie in the top score at the end of the episode, either a pre-recorded tiebreaker job between the tied competitors is presented, or a quarrel is displayed between the tied players.

When is it going to be Release?

Yes! The official Taskmaster Season 12 teaser has been published, and it has our new squad of celebrity participants completing various activities such as sitting on cakes, popping balloons, and riding bikes, but the segments are brief enough not to reveal all that will happen.

Season 12 of Taskmaster premieres on Channel 4 on Thursday, September 23rd at 9 p.m. Alex Horne verified the joyful news with a tweet.


Wrapping Up

So on a scale of 1-10(1- not excited and 10- extremely excited) how you'd you rate your feeling for the Taskmaster series? I am eager to know so don't forget to mention it in the comment section.