Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival: Latest News!

During a Nintendo Direct broadcast on February 9, 2022, the company announced and demonstrated many new features coming to the Switch in the near future. However, one of the most perplexing announcements was that of Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival, which many people found confusing. Fans of rhythm-based games, on the other hand, are in for a treat. Please allow me to elaborate.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival

When I visited Japan for the first time in 2016, a friend took me on a tour of one of the country's many magnificent arcades. A machine with two large plastic taiko drums in front of it and sets of bachi (drum sticks) tucked into nets beside each drum greeted me as I approached. He explained what he was doing. “Ooh, Taiko no Tatsujin!” he exclaimed excitedly. “It was a genuine Japan experience.”

Because of this, you can purchase a taiko controller for either the Nintendo Switch or the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 and use it to play the console versions of the game. Despite the fact that it isn't quite as magical as playing on a giant Japanese drum, playing the console taiko controller is still a lot of fun. Both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch versions of the game are a blast to play even if you don't have a controller. Also available for iOS is a new touchscreen version of the game, which is—you guessed it—extremely entertaining.

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Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch currently holds the distinction of having the greatest number of Taiko no Tatsujin games available. Drum ‘n' Fun!, an arcade-style game, is distinct from Drum Session!, a PlayStation game; each has its own libraries and features, and each has its own set of advantages. A second option is to purchase the Rhythmic Adventure Pack, which includes a smaller collection of arcade-style songs but also includes, you guessed it, a rhythm adventure game. Drum ‘n' Fun!, on the other hand, has been around for nearly four years, which is why it's so exciting that Nintendo has announced that a new game, Rhythm Festival, will be coming to the Switch in 2022.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival

At launch, Rhythm Festival will include 76 songs, which is roughly the same number as Drum ‘n' Fun74 !'s songs. However, Rhythm Festival will also include an in-game subscription service, which will provide players with a whopping 500 additional songs when the game first launches. The cost of the subscription service has not yet been announced, but if you're a member of the Taiko no Tatsujin fandom, you're probably freaking out. And, yes, that community is quite small, at least in terms of numbers within the United States. We, on the other hand, are overjoyed.

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Additionally, Rhythm Festival introduces some new modes that appear to inject some much-needed spice into the game's multiplayer experience. You can form a group of four other players to put on a full-on “performance,” with each player contributing a unique part to the overall performance. There will also be a Great Drum Toy War, in which you will send a battalion of rubber ducks to cover your opponent's screen in order to prevent them from seeing you.

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