Tabares highlights Copa America ethics: “It’s not good to comment when it’s realistic” | Football

Uruguay made their Copa America debut 1-0 in the derby against Argentina this Friday. At a post-match press conference, coach Oscar Tabares spoke about playing in matches in Brazil. Govt-19 approaches 500,000 deaths, According to the latest update of the Press Vehicles Federation.

– Well, it's like playing anywhere in South America in Uruguay, Venezuela, Colombia. Maybe the numbers are scary, but we need to consider the population of Brazil. We are having a very difficult time with epidemics. But, as is well known, we take risks just like everyone else, but we follow ethics. I believe this is a definite thing, and it is worth it. I believe it is not appropriate to comment when the competition is a reality. We know it can happen to anyone. Elsewhere, in other contexts as well.

According to the most recent record of the Ministry of Health, There have been 66 reported cases of Govt-19 among Copa America representatives. The Uruguayan coach points out that the infection caused by the new corona virus in matches is “something that comes to our home”.

Uruguay coach Oscar Tabares in the fight against Argentina for the Copa America – Photo: Puntarenas Villala / Getty Images

– We are here to face this situation and we have many goals. Of course this is not pleasant. But the way we work and do, the FIFA date is very important for games. This is a situation you have no previous experience with. It’s something that happens every day, and it comes to our doorstep. We have complaints, but can’t say more than I can say to find the infection.

Next Monday, Uruguay will face Chile at the Arena Pantanal in search of the top three points in the Copa America. In designing the confrontation, Theberes analyzes the struggle for a place in the next stage of the South American competition.

– Since we have to worry about the competitor we face on the cross, we should try to do what is necessary to cross the stage with the best assortment. But it depends on what we do on the field. We hope you enjoy the extension. Maybe play against Argentina again. What we do in the game can only be seen on game days. Let's see. We are living up to our expectations – complete.

Other topics in the Oscar Tabares press conference:

Analysis of the conflict against Argentina

– We don't have many situations. The offensive situations came from the game we played. The way out of the midfield. The way we develop and play. We need to find our places and our players who are capable of scoring can score. We didn’t make it in this first game.