Who Is T-mobile Girl Carly Foulkes? What Happened to Her?

Carly Foulkes gained notoriety as the “T-Mobile Girl” during the beginning of the decade of the 2010s. The Canadian mannequin appeared in a broad variety of the cellular telephone company’s 4G classified advertisements, all of which featured her in a trademark red dress to match the company’s logo.

T-Mobile also released a behind-the-scenes video with her after receiving positive comments. Her cheery personality made her renowned with the audience. However, it has been several years since Foulkes has been with T-Mobile, so what has she been doing to in her spare time since leaving the company?

Foulkes, on the other hand, is still modeling. As a result, she is also an extraordinarily skilled camera operator. She routinely posts stunning mannequin images on her personal Instagram account, in addition to other inventive photographs that she captures with her phone.

She also maintains a photography-focused Instagram account, where she posts further examples of her work as well as tips and tricks.

In a 2017 interview with the clothing business Free People, Foulkes described her daily routine as follows: “It changes a lot, but right now it consists of yoga in the daytime, taking my dog for a walk, and then coming to my studio to either shoot, collage, or work on other video projects.” I’m now in the process of learning to direct, and I’m enjoying it. Curler skating has also helped me to become more self-assured!”

Carly Foulkes Is Known as “the T-mobile Girl.”

T-Mobile Girl Carly Foulkes is a well-known figure in the industry. She is both a mannequin and a heroine from Canada. Foulkes was born on August 4, 1988, which used to be his birthday.

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She was featured prominently in a series of T-Mobile MyTouch 4G television commercials. Carly used to be known for her summer outfits, which were always pink and white. She had to put up with her pink-and-black motorcycle attire that went with her name. From the fall of 2010 through the spring of 2013, Foulkes served as T-spokesperson. Mobile’s

Was Carly Foulkes Ever Found Out What Happened to Her?

Carly Foulkes has been referred to as a “intercourse number” on numerous occasions. She became well-known as a result of her advertising. In 2013, Business Insider reporter Laura Stampler referred to her as “one of the most recognizable manufactures spokes guys,” which she was.

Her motorcycle lady attire was transformed into a ‘poor girl chick image’ by the media. When asked how he was feeling, Foulkes said, “I’m OK.” When I think of sexy, I don’t think of myself as belonging in that category. As a result, I’m feeling incredibly privileged. As a result, it’s hilarious.”

When it comes to her present existence, Carly has moved beyond her mannequin persona. She is presently working as a cameraman as well as a performer. Carly is a bright presence on Instagram, and she posts frequently.

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Carly released her single ‘I’m All Talk’ in 2020, which became a hit. “This tune is about choosing someone who isn’t right for you and attempting to learn from your mistakes,” she wrote on her Facebook page. Following 2013, Carly was seen at a few T-Mobile-sponsored events. References state that her agreement with the group is still in effect, but that she is not aware of it.

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