T 34 Movie Review: Plot | Cast | Trailer | Is This Film Based on a Real Event?

T-34 is a 2019 Russian war movie that was both written and directed by Aleksey Sidorov.

The T-34, a Soviet medium tank from World War II that was employed to defend the Soviet Union, is mentioned in the title.

The movie tells the story of tank commander Nikolai ivushkin, who is captured by the Germans. Along with his freshly hired tank crew, he starts to prepare for his ultimate escape three years later. 

What is the Plot of T 34 Movie

Red Army Junior Lieutenant Nikolay Ivushkin (Alexander Petrov) is operating a rickety truck and trailer in November 1941, not far from Moscow, while a young soldier named Vasiliy sits alongside him.

T 34 Movie Review

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Over a hill, a German Panzer III tank materializes and starts firing at them. They manage to escape hurt but alive thanks to Nikolay's superb moves as an armor officer.

What is the Cast of T 34 Movie

  • Alexander Petrov as Junior Lieutenant Nikolay Ivushkin, tank officer
  • Vinzenz Kiefer as SS-Standartenführer Klaus Jäger
  • Viktor Dobronravov as Sergeant Stepan Vasilyonok, tank driver
  • Irina Starshenbaum as Anya Yartseva, a translator in a concentration camp
  • Yuri Borisov as Serafim Ionov, loader of the T-34-85 (1944)
  • Anton Bogdanov as Demyan Volchkov “Volchok”, tank gunner (1944)

T 34 Movie Review

T 34 Movie Review

The life of Nikolay Ivushkin, a tank commander who is taken prisoner by the Nazis, is depicted in the Russian military film T-34. Along with his recently hired tank crew, three years later he starts to prepare for his ultimate escape.

I have never seen a war movie with such a stunning production design. The slow-motion and visual effects were top-notch.

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In fact, I didn't budge from the edge of my couch even for a second while I awaited each side's next move since I was so engrossed in the fast-moving plot! How delightful, I tell you.

Currently, Going Vertical is the Russian movie with the second-highest worldwide box office earnings, behind this one. Additionally, it has received a lot of worldwide critical acclaim.

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T 34 Movie Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Movie T-34 Good?

Even the Antagonist, Who I Liked and Supported, Was a Great Addition to the Cast. The Film “T-34” Elevates the Technique of Slow Motion Photography Significantly. Yes, the Most of It is Cgi, but It Looks Amazing and Seamlessly Merges With Reality to Create a Fantastic Viewing Experience. Equally Remarkable Are the Filmmaking and Photography.

Is the T-34 Film Based on a Real Event?

The Scenario, Which Involves a Captured Russian Tank Commander and His Crew Being Hired by the Nazis for Training, is a Touch Crazy, but It is Based on a Real Incident That Happened in 1944.

Do the Russians Still Employ T-34 Tanks?

There Are Actually Hundreds of T-34s Still in Existence Today; Many of Them Are on Exhibit in Museums and Are Utilised as War Memorials. There Are Now Many “Demilitarised” Models in Private Collections as Well.