Sylvan Meadows – What We Know So Far

Sylvan Meadows is a village sim game that is very early in development. Although there is little information available, the developer, paranoodle, has been updating the game's official website to give updates about the game's development status.

What is Sylvan Meadows?

A simulation game with RPG features set in a village. Maintaining a small outpost while building relationships with its residents is a rewarding experience.

Sylvan Meadows

Make new friends, work out challenges, and then relax in the meadow after you're finished.

Is there a trailer?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer for the game as it is still in development. We'll update the post once more news emerges. Stay tuned!

What is the current version of the game?

Sylvan Meadows is in version 0.1 and can be played as a demo.

Here's the changelog for 0.1 from the developer:

  • new light theme is available, but due to how much trouble themes are giving me, it's only partially implemented at the moment – you can select it in the options menu but not all menus/interfaces will change to match just yet
  • the game now supports a french translation, currently only for the ui but soon for the rest of the game as well 🙂
  • map system refactor is finished, which was a really big endeavor, but everything works way better thanks to it and it means the system supports having more than one area for you to visit in the future
  • speaking of maps, almost all tiles have been improved or reworked/redrawn, and new ones have been added

Sylvan Meadows

  • journal menu has been reworked and is a lot cleaner and less crowded now
  • npcs can (and will) walk around now
  • general savefile structure has been coded, but saves themselves aren't implemented yet
  • the general game loop has been fleshed out (and the tutorials for it are partially written) but the implementation isn't finished yet
  • some of the new prologue content is written, covering the very start of the first day
  • new assets in the character creation
  • several bug fixes including with marking transparency, dialogue box glitches, and menu glitches

Final Words

That’s All About Sylvan Meadows. Stay Tuned For More Updates And Bookmark Our Site For More News. Thank You For Reading!

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