Sweet Girl: American Action thriller Leading Jason Momoa

How far can a mango for the sake of his family? To what limit he can push himself for vengeance? The Death of one person might mean nothing to the world but means the world to one person. Brian Andrew Mendoza has brought to you an American action thriller film Sweet Girl as his directorial debut.

The film stars Jason Momoa(Yes you Know he is my favourite) as a lead role, famous for his character Aquaman and Isabela Merced playing the role of his daughter with a promising cast on board; the film got released on August 20, 2021, over Netflix. It is A narrative built upon vengeance, and its basic origin: the pain of losing a loved one.

After watching this one, I will be more excited to watch Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom that will get released in 2022.

The Storyline  of Sweet Girl


The movie tells the story of Ray cooper. His Family got wrecked into pieces with the death of his mother, Amanda Cooper. The Mother had suffered from cancer and due to the corruption in the pharmaceutical company. Her treatment got delayed as the drug that could have saved her life got its production extended to several months, which cost her life.

Revenge is poison

In the anguish of losing her wife, Ray Cooper calls up the CEO Simon Keeley about the consequences of his deed and call ending with a death threat over national television. With a vengeance in his heart, Ray vows to take the law into his own hands, fighting big names and companies for the sake of justice.  

But as they say, revenge is like a two-headed rat viper; while you watch your enemy go down, you too are being poisoned yourself. On the platform, both Ray and Rachel lying almost dead, what brought them to this stage is going to be a determining factor for the rest of the course of the movie as the life of all characters turns around after this point of time. 

sweet girl

The lead

Ray sought answers. He finally found a lead given to him by a journalist, Martin Bennett. Although he went to investigate the activity of the Bioprime scandal ( The pharmaceutical company) But before they could have got any information in their hand, the journalist got killed by Santos and Ray, and Rachel was left on the track to die.

Rachel seemed to Bring Balance

Rachel provides two sides to the plot as she is concerned about his father going to extremes on this path of revenge, but she also does feel the same amount of anguish and is filled with despair about all that happened to her once happy family.

The Main Culprit

As they got the lead from Keeley about the main man behind all the felonies, it came out to be Bioprime Chairman Vinod Shah. 

The twist

While hunting his target, Ray becomes a criminal with his hand drenched in blood and the FBI behind him, what follows afterwards is something that shook the audience. It was the turning point of the movie as we get to know that Ray is actually Rachael. Ray died that day on the platform, and ritual suffering from PTSD, and dissociative identity disorder was actually behind all that was happening.

The Meaning

I guess we all will agree that Monsters are projections of the society of all that's wicked in its core. The action-adventure and occasional heartbreaking moments in between the scenes are what keeps the audience glued to their chair for 1 hr 50 mins of its running time. 

Production story of Sweet Girl

With it's an announcement in July 2019, the major part of the production was completed before November. The movie was filmed in its entirety in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with its final take completed in February 2020.


Wrapping up

It makes you really wonder if a monster is the product of pain or a monster causes it. I am sure you will enjoy this thriller movie. Be sure to drop a comment. Do like share and subscribe to our website to find more interesting movie reviews.