Survivor Season 41 Review: Elimination Order | Ratings Have ‘Tanked’?

Survivor Season 41 Review: Host Jeff Probst hailed Survivor 41 as the start of “a new era” for the long-running reality competition series.

Due to Fiji COVID laws, they condensed the game to 26 days, stripped it down to the essentials, and abandoned the custom of providing a season subtitle and announcing a theme.

The thought of returning to “the very basic premise of a bunch of strangers; forced to rely on each other to survive while voting each other out” initially piqued the interest of the fandom.

However, as the Survivor 41 finale approaches, many fans are calling this season “the worst.”

During the Pandemic

When it premiered on CBS in 2000, Survivor instantly became a cultural phenomenon.

Survivor Season 41 Review

The first two seasons had an average of more than 20 million viewers per episode, with each season finale attracting more than 50 million viewers.

The ratings have steadily fallen over time. By season 40, a single episode of Winners at War was bringing in over 7 to 8 million people.

The series had a comeback during the epidemic when it was found by a new generation of fans on streaming services.

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The few seasons available on Netflix have attracted a large audience. The show is also a top performer on Paramount+.

“Even when we didn't have original episodes over the last year, the program was a top-three fixture,” network president Kelly Kahl told Variety ahead of the Survivor 41 premiere. “This show was either being rewatched or being discovered.”

The Ratings for ‘Survivor 41’ Have Tanked

Survivor 41's viewership has plummeted, despite the popularity of previous Survivor seasons on Netflix and Paramount+.

Survivor Season 41 Review

The season debut drew 6.25 million viewers and received a 1.1 rating and an 8 share in the 18-49 demographic.

And these figures have been declining for about a week.

The final episode, which was broadcast on December 8, earned only 5.7 million viewers and a 0.9 rating, and 7 shares in the 18-49 demo.

That's a drop of more than 2 million viewers overall, including hundreds of thousands in the crucial 18-49 advertising demo, compared to season 40 norms.

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And the numbers are still dropping. Survivor has never seen such low ratings in its 20-year history.

‘Survivor’ Season 41 Winner

Survivor has five people left heading into the season 41 finale: Deshawn Radden, Ricard Foyé, Erika Casupanan, Heather Aldert, and Xander Hasting.

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The winner of Survivor season 41, however, was revealed to be Erika, after the final vote was tallied.

Survivor Season 41 Cast

Brad Reese, Danny McCray, David Voce (voted off), Deshawn Radden, Eric Abraham (voted off), Erika Casupanan, Evvie Jagoda, Genie Chen (voted off), Heather Aldrete, Jairus Robinson (voted off), Liana Wallace, Naseer, Muttalif, Ricard Foye, Sara Wilson (voted off), Shantel Smith, Sydney Segal, Tiffany Seely, and Xander Hastings are among the 18

Survivor Season 41 Review

The cast was initially divided into three tribes: the Luvu Tribe, the Ua Tribe, and the Yase Tribe.

Three tribes became two color-coordinated teams after the Ready to Play Like a Lion episode in late November.

Heather Aldrete, Xander Hastings, Liana Wallace, Tiffany Seely, and Shantel Smith are on the yellow squad, while Deshawn Radden, Danny McCray, Ricard Foyé, Sydney Segal, Evvie Jagoda, and Naseer Muttalif are on the blue team.

Host of ‘Survivor’

The Survivor franchise continues to be led by the one and only Jeff Probst. Probst has won four Primetime Emmys as Outstanding Host for the show since its inception.

Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program, and producer for Outstanding Non-Fiction programs (there was no category for reality competition programs in 2001).

Probst remarked about the forthcoming season in a statement:

“I can't recall the last time I was so excited to start a new season of Survivor.”

Survivor 41 presents a lovable collection of savvy Survivor contestants who are about to embark on the most intense, tough, and dangerous season yet.

We know we have the most devoted viewers of any television show, and we're thrilled to bring them a new, exciting season of Survivor!”

Survivor Season 41 Elimination Order:

Sr. No. Name Age Tribe Occupation Status
1 Ricard Foye 31 UA Flight Attendant Competing
2 Brad Reese 50 UA Rancher Eliminated
3 Genie Chen 46 UA Grocery Clerk Eliminated
4 Sara Wilson 24 UA Healthcare Consultant Eliminated
5 Jairus Robinson 20 UA College Student Eliminated
6 Shantel Smith 34 UA Pastor Competing
7 Danny McCray 33 LUVU Ex-NFL Player Competing
8 Naseer Muttalif 37 LUVU Sales Manager Eliminated
9 Sydney Segal 26 LUVU Law Student Eliminated
10 Erica Casupanan 32 LUVU Communication Manager Winner
11 Deshawn Radden 26 LUVU Medical Student Runner up
12 Heather Aldret 52 LUVU Stay at Home Mom Competing
13 Liana Wallace 20 YASE College Student Competing
14 Evvie Jagoda 28 YASE Ph.D. Student Eliminated
15 David Voce 35 YASE Neurosurgeon Eliminated
16 Eric Abraham 51 YASE Cyber Security Analyst Eliminated
17 Tiffany Seely 47 YASE Teacher Eliminated
18 Xander Hasting 21 YASE App developer Competing


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Survivor Season 41 Any Good?

Survivor 41 has been dubbed the “worst” season ever by fans.

The explanation, according to many admirers, is simple: season 41 is “the worst.” There are several causes for this.

Probst has broken the fourth wall for no reason, and there are needless editing flourishes that make no sense as a result of the production modifications.

How Did Survivor 41 Do in Ratings?

Season 41 and its finale received an average grade of “C-” from TVLine readers; catch up on Nick Caruso's Survivor finale coverage.

Did Survivor 41 Have a Fan Favorite?

For the 41st time, Jeff Probst declared a winner of “Survivor,” proclaiming Erika Casupanan the single Survivor in an incredible season filled with strong newcomers.

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