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A Bit About Superstore Season 7: An eccentric family of workers at the enormous megastore Cloud 9 deals with the daily grind of crazed bargain hunters, riot-inspiring sales, and training sessions that make you want to fall asleep.

Despite the best efforts of her cleverly ignorant manager Glen and his iron-fisted assistant Dina, stalwart employee Amy is just trying to keep it together. New hire Jonah, a daydreamer, cynical Garrett, ambitious Mateo, and sweet young mother-to-be Cheyenne complete the team.

Bright-eyed newcomers, seasoned pros, clumsy seasonal recruits, and bosses who are in it for the long haul—they're all going to make it through another day—together.

Quick Facts About Superstore Season 7

No. of episodes: 113 (list of episodes)
No. of seasons: 6
Created by: Justin Spitzer
Original network: NBC
Original release: November 30, 2015 –; March 25, 2021
Production companies:
Spitzer Holding Company; The District; Universal Television; Miller Green Broadcasting (2019–21)
Superstore Season 1 Release Date November 30, 2015
Superstore Season 2 Release Date September 22, 2016
Superstore Season 3 Release Date September 28, 2017
Superstore Season 4 Release Date October 4, 2018
Superstore Season 5 Release Date September 26, 2019
Superstore Season 6 Release Date October 29, 2020
Superstore Season 7 Release Date Not Available

Showrunners of “Superstore” Disclose What Would Have Happened in Season 7

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunners of Superstore discussed what may have happened if the show had continued after six seasons on NBC.

Superstore Season 7

They were nearly halfway through the season when Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller learned that Season 6 would be the last of the ensemble comedy series set in a big-box retailer in St. Louis, Missouri.

Green and Miller had to omit some tales and modify others to accommodate the short time they had to wrap up the lives and loves of the employees at the Cloud 9 store.

According to Miller, one thing that was planned for season 7 was to “truly embrace the idea that Dina (Lauren Ash) and Garrett (Colton Dunn) were an actual loving couple and just seeing what that looks like for the two of them.” That seems to be a delightful setting for some romantic and humorous tales.

Green and Miller altered Glenn's fate even though they said they adhered to their original plan for Cloud 9 to become a hybrid fulfillment facility and physical store (Mark McKinney).

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The sincere but helpless manager. Miller explained, “We were hinting toward taking our co-managers and having Dina in charge of the fulfillment center part of the store and Glenn in charge of the in-person part of the store and dividing some of our employees and seeing what that's like in season 7.” Miller added, “The final shot of the season would've been a wall going up and dividing the store.”

We Only Modified That for the Series Finale Even Though It Was Already Part of Our Original Concept!

In the proper epilogue, Glenn recruits Mateo (Nico Santos) and Cheyenne to work in his father's hardware store (Nichole Sakura). Dina managed the fulfillment center and kept Sandra (Kaliko Kauahi), Marcus (Kelly Schumann), and Justine (Jon Barinholtz) on staff.

Superstore Season 7

Another character who might have had more screen time if Superstore had the seventh season was Sandra. Green said, “Just seeing what she's like as a mom, we still thought there was a lot more to mine from Sandra being a mother.”

Even though the show ended sooner than intended, the showrunners stated they are happy with the universe they created by mining the retail grind for humor, regardless of what might have been.

Green continued, “I suppose we could mention things [to study] for every character.

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“We had just recently begun to see their potential. We consider ourselves extremely happy to have spent six seasons with these people and this incredible cast.

Hopefully, Superstore Stars Are Going to Return To Primetime TV

There are upcoming Superstore series finale spoilers. The Superstore officially closed on March 25.

Superstore Season 7

Fans were aware that the NBC sitcom would end after its sixth season when the network announced via an Instagram post promoting a “blowout sale,” but that doesn't make this primetime loss any less challenging.

Sadly, no indications are that NBC would reconsider and approve a Superstore Season 7.

On the plus side, though, the conclusion featured a unique one-hour period, giving viewers twice as much time to say goodbye to their coworkers.

Amy, played by America Ferrera, left the shop and the show at the start of Season 6, but in a shocking change of events, she made a surprise comeback for the finale.

She finally found happiness with Jonah (a throwback to their earlier breakup, when he said, “You'll know where to find me,” should she ever change her mind about committing), and this is how she received her happy ending.

Garrett's actor Colton Dunn talked about the end of the program in a pre-finale interview with Bustle.

In his opinion, the show should have continued in a perfect world. But I also believe we traveled for a very long period. And at the end of the day, it will be a blast when someone settles in and watches the complete Superstore series on streaming.

It was beautiful to have her around for as long as we did during the last few. These past weeks, we were in the thick of things; we didn't take a break as we shot nonstop for 12 days.

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Long days and having the entire band back together felt just right. In many ways, it was a dream experience.

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