Supergirl: Interesting Superhero with Powerful Journey To Walk-In

If you are a fan of superman, then I can bet that you would love Supergirl as well. Yes, in this article, you will know many things about Supergirl, and you will be compelled to watch this series again. 

Are you fond of series or movies that have a female protagonist like “Marvelous Mrs Maisel“, “ Flack Seasons“, “200 Halla Ho” or “The L Word: Generation Q“? If yes, then Supergirl is the perfect series for you, trust me. 


The Backstory of Kara the Super Girl

Supergirl, starring Melissa Benoist, is the chronicle of the life of Kara Zor-el, superman's biological cousin and one of the last survivors of their planet Krypton. The Kryptonians were an advanced civilization, and the House of El were among the rulers of the planet. 

However, improper use of the resources on Krypton caused the core of the planet to explode. The zor-els had to save their children, and therefore, they sent their elder daughter Kara & toddler (at that time) Kal-el on an interstellar voyage across the galaxy.

It wasn't already hard for Kara to see her parents for the last time that her escape pod got stuck in the Phantom Zone. The phantom is an Interstellar pocket dimension designed by Els to confine the most dangerous intergalactic criminals. 

Kara managed to somehow escape the zone only to arrive on the earth(after 24 years later), to find his baby brother already grown up and flying around Metropolis as Superman. The Danvers take her in and grow up with her sister Alex (Chyler Leigh). However, she had a normal childhood as she hid from the federal government's interstellar invasion prevention division known as DEO. 


Supergirl's Powers

The Earth's yellow Sun gave her extraordinary abilities of flying, super strength, extra hot lasers in her eyes and ice-cold breath. But pretty much like her brother, her sole weakness lies in kryptonite, a rare metal from her planet which renders her powerless on exposure to it. 

What Changes Her Life?

Anyway, her life was smooth sailing and comfortable, and she had earned herself the repute of an aspiring young journalist at Catco. When calamity struck, and changed her entire life around. 

One unfortunate day, while Alex was on a plane, the engine caught fire, and the plane was headed for a crash. Kara, frightened to lose her sister, flew up, not caring to expose herself just to save her sister. 

That's how her adventure as a superhero began. Kara, along with her sister, Alex and friends, started secretly saving the world. She has led a dual life pretty much every day since then, wearing her superhero suit under her work clothes. By day she was a successful reporter at Catco. And during the rest of her time, she was busy saving the world.

About the Seasons on Super Girl

Our hero Kara Danvers has seen her fair share of trouble right from her 1st flight in 2014 to getting lost into the phantom zone helpless, without any power in season 6 (ongoing). 

In the 1st season, she faced members of her own family, her aunt gone rogue who wanted to control the entire earth civilization using the myriad. During the subsequent season, she has faced various big bands, including the forces of nature themselves.

Leviathan was a league of immortal gods who were responsible for natural calamity and destruction since time immemorial. Kara faced them head-on in season 5. However, her greatest challenge was Lex Luthar, an evil billionaire genius with the resources to build almost anything.

Wait! Wait! Wait! If you feel this isn't enough, I am thrilled to inform you that CW's ongoing other superhero shows meet on a yearly basis for a short crossover movie where they fight their greatest challenges together. 

Supergirl has fought alongside The Flash, The white canary ( Sara Lance), Batwoman, Marcial Manhunter ( John J'onzz), Lex Luthor ( like really!!!!! Teaming up with her greatest enemy) and Ryan Choi as one of the seven paragons destined to protect the multiverse from the Anti-Monitor during the Crisis of Infinite Earth. 

The strong independent woman in her has evolved through maintaining her humanity and kindness. She has not only set an example for her fellow superhero but for us as well. She is a living embodiment of noble sacrifices.

Wrapping Up

The life of Kara Danvers is an inspiration we all can learn from her, how to do the right thing in the toughest of situations. I am sure you will watch the series. You'll love it as much as I did. And I also feel so enthusiastic about saving the world, but the sad part is I don't have a superpower; I badly wish I had at least one of them.

But as it is best to live in reality, I will continue to fantasize about a world where I am not an ordinary person; rather, I am a Supergirl. What are your thoughts on this? Tell me in the comment section.