Suki Waterhouse Opens Up About ‘Dark’ Breakup With Bradley Cooper—Robert Pattinson’s Thoughts on Her Famous Ex, Bradley Cooper

“It probably took me ten years to figure myself out and make these kinds of expansions in my life,” Suki Waterhouse said.

Suki Waterhouse opens up about her time with her ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper and her feelings, while also sharing her moments with her current boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Suki Waterhouse explained in her British Vogue interview that it was inevitable and disorienting for her after she broke up with Bradley Cooper after a two-year relationship in 2015. He described the idea as “very isolating and disorientating”, Or that breakup is not easy?

I will tell you the truth, I am very strong right now. But when something very public happens to you and the pursuit is dark and difficult, and you're not doing well, and you feel incapable of explaining it to the world, it's lonely and disorienting.

I think it took me ten years to understand this and now I can experience this expansion in my life.

My twenties were miserable. The love I experienced at that time was just a kind of worship, and I guess when you are loved just that way, you have to tolerate punishment too. When you get into your 30s, you receive more respect almost immediately. It is full of luck and also sudden.

Waterhouse met her now-married husband Robert Pattinson at Hollywood Game Night in 2018. The two started dating the same year and got engaged in December 2023.

Suki Waterhouse Opens Up About 'Dark' Breakup With Bradley Cooper---Robert Pattinson's Thoughts on Her Famous Ex, Bradley Cooper

Suki Waterhouse is very happy currently dating Twilight fame actor Robert Pattinson.

The ‘Burn' actress, 32, and Cooper, 49, were in a relationship from 2013 to 2015. Following the breakup, Cooper fathered daughter Lia De Seine with Irina Shayk in 2017 and is now dating supermodel Gigi Hadid. Meanwhile, Waterhouse got engaged to Diego Luna in 2017 and began her relationship with Robert Pattinson in 2018. Both gave birth to a baby girl in March.

“Robert Pattinson isn't jealous of any of my exes as he knows no one is better than him,” the vocalist laughed.(News Source)

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