Succession Season 3 Finale: Release Date: Everything You Need to Know!

Succession Season 3 Finale-On December 12, the third season of Succession came to an end with a magnificent episode that matched the season opener, leaving Logan, as always, the top dog in a game his offspring can't defeat.

Here's what happened in the ninth episode of the season, “All the Bells Say,” penned by show creator Jesse Armstrong.

So, what occurred in Succession's third season finale?

Logan (Brian Cox) reads to his grandson in the season 3 finale, as the rest of the Roy family plays a harmless yet telling game of Monopoly in their Tuscan home. (It should come as no surprise that Shiv (Sarah Snook) cheats a lot in this game.) But keep an eye out for Tom's “Get Out of Jail Free” cards, which serve as a throwback to early in the season while also hinting at his treachery later in the episode.) At the end of episode 8, we find that Kendall (Jeremy Strong) was hospitalised after almost drowning after slipping off a pool float. Kendall maintains it was an accident, but the rest of his family is concerned that it was most likely a suicide attempt. Shiv even tries to plan an intervention for her brother, but it devolves into a bloodbath.

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Logan and Roman (Kieran Culkin) meet Matsson (Alexander Skarsgard) at Lake Como to work out a “union of equals.” Matsson takes the upper hand fast and proposes an enticing proposal to Logan: Waystar is purchased by GoJo, Matsson takes over the board, and Logan cashes out. Roman will have a position in the new organisational structure, according to Matsson. Logan sends Roman back to Tuscany for his mother's wedding on that note.

The wedding of Caroline (Harriet Walter) and Peter Munion (Pip Torrens) proceeds. Shiv gives a heartwarmingly passive-aggressive toast during the reception, but she notices something is wrong with the GoJo transaction before the reception. Shiv approaches Roman and Kendall and informs them of her suspicion that Logan is about to sell the firm. While Kendall suffers an emotional breakdown and discloses how he was implicated in the killing of the waiter at Shiv's wedding, Roman conceals his knowledge of Matsson's offer. He says, “Shiv, I'm not here.” “Right now, I'm not feeling very attached to my children or my aspirations… “I'm not a nice guy.” Shiv and Roman unite behind their brother and soothe his guilt in an unexpectedly sweet turn of events.

Kendall's dirt road discoveries unite the siblings, and they decide (although, Roman does require some handholding) to assassinate their father—it's revolution Kendall had been planning since the season 2 finale. They understand that Logan will need a supermajority to complete the transaction, and because of a clause in Logan and Caroline's divorce deal, the siblings own enough stock to prevent any big modifications. Shiv phones Tom and tells him about their strategy while driving to Logan's hotel.

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When the kids finally reach dear ol' dad, they try to argue with him, but he mocks them and explains angrily that they deserve to be left flapping in the wind and that they would eventually have to struggle to accomplish something like he did. Logan then admits that he had previously approached Caroline and persuaded her to give up the children's shares—even though Shiv, Kendall, and Roman all baffled as to how he was one step ahead of them. (Kids, Logan is always one step ahead.) Roman tries to persuade Gerri, who has retreated to Logan's corner after coping with Roman's dick photo fiasco. As soon as Tom walks in, Logan walks out, leaving the kids distraught and shocked.

What did Tom Wambsgans do in the final episode of The Succession?

Succession Season 3 Finale-In town, there's a new number one! By betraying Shiv and exposing Logan to his kids' plot to stop the sale of Waystar Royco, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) makes the season's (and his life's) most powerful move. After Shiv tells Tom about their plan to use their holding company's shares to prevent the supermajority vote required for Logan's sale, Tom goes right to the top, allowing Logan enough time to call his ex-wife and renegotiate the divorce agreement that granted the kids the shares in the first place.

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In the last seconds of the show, Tom joins the group and Logan offers his son-in-law a passing, grateful slap on the shoulder, revealing Tom's double-cross. Shiv observes the scene and collapses into tears as she comes to grips with her husband's treachery (and maybe recognising that Tom has been a mole for Logan the entire season—remember the doughnuts at Rava's house?!). It's unclear if Tom is aware that Shiv (or Kendall and Roman) have worked it all out, but it's evident how Tom arrived at this dishonest conclusion. Throughout the season, he secretly got closer to Logan, even volunteering to do jail time on the company's behalf. As the season continued, Tom realised that Shiv was rarely if ever, worried about Tom's standing at Waystar, and he stopped seeing Shiv and his relationship through rose-coloured glasses. Tom, on the other hand, manages to stay true to his true companion in crime, Greg (Nicholas Braun). Tom tells Greg about his scheme and persuades him that if he joins Team Logan, he'll have a lot better outcome than he could have anticipated. (For his part, Greg was focused on obtaining a date with a Contessa from Luxembourg for most of his time in Italy.)

What about Connor Roy, for example?

Succession Season 3 Finale-After learning his siblings don't take him seriously (or remember that he is, in fact, Logan's first-born kid), the eldest Roy child had a mini-meltdown at Kendall's unexpected intervention. But, in the end, all's well that ends well (sort of), since Willa, despite her reservations, accepts Connor's marriage proposal with a resounding, “How horrible can it be?” You might as well fuck off now if you believe the relationship is going to end nicely.

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What details regarding the conclusion have the actors revealed?

Succession Season 3 Finale-In an interview with GQ, Macfadyen said that the final moment was shot in multiple different ways. “There were a few times when I was away from Sarah and others when I approached her. It was a bit sloppy, as [filming] is frequently “he stated The scene in which Shiv sees Tom and Logan exchange pleasantries but not Kendall and Roman made it into the final episode, setting up an intriguing scenario for the start of the next season. “It was fantastic to walk into that room and see what was lingering in the air after Logan's yelling and screaming. It's a tremendous environment to enter “said the actor. While Tom's determination to betray his wife had been developing throughout the season (recall his response to Shiv's “sexy talk” claiming she doesn't love him), Macfadyen feels the phone remember she makes from the car—where she is unable to determine Tom's role in their new company—sealed the deal. He told GQ, “Shiv could have said it differently and he would've gone along with it.”

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Sarah Snook stated in a post-finale interview with EW that while Shiv saw the Tom-Logan discussion, she was concealing the fact that she was aware of Tom's power manoeuvre. “It seemed natural in that take,” Snook recalled, “since Tom had closed in with physical proximity.” “‘Get away from me,' I said. I'm not sure I can hide my sadness from your face. So I'll make it look like the pain is caused by something else.'”

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Shiv's inner monologue during the season's closing moments was also revealed by the actress, who told EW that Shiv won't blame herself for pushing Tom to Logan's side.

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“I don't think she's thinking, ‘Oh, wow, this is my fault.' I'm having a genuine conversion experience.' It's more likely to be something along the lines of, ‘I can't believe my hubby did the dirty on me.' I'm at a loss on what to do now. My mother had deserted me. My father has been exposed as the devil, and my husband has made a deal with him. So I'm at a loss about what to do. Will I run to my brothers?' That doesn't appear to be the case “Snook said.

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She also revealed how Kendall, Shiv, and Roman's dramatic dirt road sequence came together, noting that the iconic photo of Kendall sitting on the ground with Shiv's hand on his head was improvised. “Putting my fingers on his head was instinct,” she told EW. “She clearly understands and sympathises with what he is going through. “She feels that she needs to be more accountable on one of them, which is the business side of things since her brothers aren't capable at the time,” she added. But she isn't an entire ice queen, cold-hearted thug.”