Street Fighter 5 Characters List Explained: Who Will Appear In It?

Fighting game lovers may want to brush up on their abilities by playing the previous installment in the venerable series now that Street Fighter 6 has been officially unveiled. To further prepare you for the Street Fighter VI roster, here is how to unlock every character in Street Fighter 5.

There are 16 fighters on Street Fighter 5 who are already unlocked. Any player of Street Fighter 5 has access to all of these characters right away.

The Number of Characters In Street Fighter 5?

The Street Fighter 5 roster presently features 35 characters. This contains the game's 16 starting fighters and any more characters that can be acquired through regular gameplay or DLC purchases.

Street Fighter 5 Characters

How to Get Every Character in Street Fighter 5 Unlocked

In Street Fighter 5, you'll need to Fight Money to access characters. This in-game item may be acquired through playing the game in several ways. It can require much grinding in-game because each character costs much Fight Money to unlock.

Street Fighter 5 Characters

Because of this, some players spend real Money on the DLC characters rather than utilizing the in-game currency.

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Here is how to obtain Fight Money in Street Fighter 5 to avoid making real-money purchases.

Online battles

You receive 50 FM for every online triumph. Street Fighter 5's main allure is playing online against actual players; however, when you consider that DLC characters can cost up to 100,000 FM or more, this amount doesn't seem like much.

Character stories

Play Story Mode if you want to grow better at the game and earn Fight Money more rapidly. When you finish a character's narrative mode, you can get a lot of FM to spend on new characters.

Level up characters

To keep the Fight Money pouring in, you should play through each character's story and play Survival Mode with each one. You can level up your characters by completing Trials and the game's Survival Mode. You get 1,000 FM for each level a character advances. To advance through this game mode more rapidly, set Survival Mode to the most challenging setting.

Complete missions

Under the Challenges section, there is a list of Missions. Most missions offer Fight Money as a reward for completing the given job.

Street Fighter 5 Characters

You may unlock new characters and learn how to master Street Fighter 5 by completing Missions and grinding different game modes with all of the game's initial characters.

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You'll pick up new strategies and matchups that will help you out when playing with pals and may even get you ready for Street Fighter 6 when it comes out.

How Many Characters in Street Fighter 5 Can Be Played?

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At launch, there were 16 people in the game; four were brand new to the plot. Updates and downloadable material brought 30 more characters and a primary story mode.

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How Many Dlc Characters Are Available for Street Fighter 5?

It was made known that six new characters would be released as DLC during 2016, raising the total number of combatants on the roster to 22.

Who Will Appear in Street Fighter 6?

So far, just five characters from Street Fighter 6's cast have been made public. Until launch, we anticipate seeing one or two character reveals per month if the leaks and rumors are accurate.

Who is Street Fighter 5 Has the Weakest Character?

The weakest Street Fighter characters are listed here. However, some characters are too invalid to be a character worth using.

  • 8 Decapre. 
  • 7 Sodom.
  • 6 Birdie. 
  • 5 Rufus. 
  • 4 El Fuerte. 
  • 3 F.A.N.G.
  • 2 Dan. 
  • 1 Sean. Sean takes the cake when it comes to being the weakest character in Street Fighter.
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