Stranger Things Premiere: Is ‘Maya Hawke Dress Full of Hidden Details’?

Stranger Things Premiere: Season four of Netflix's “Stranger Things” will air next week, but one of the show's stars teased upcoming episodes as early as last Saturday.

Maya Hawke wore a black Christian Dior gown on the red carpet for the “Stranger Things” season four premiere in New York City on Saturday.

The corset bodice and pleated skirt of the gown were embellished with silk embroidery styled like everything from bees to stars.

The images, according to Hawke, hinted at new “Stranger Things” characters, notably a new type of Demogorgon creature known as demo bats.

Hawke told the outlet, “They're unlocking the lore of what all of this is about, and there's a dark scary element named Vecna who is like the devil.”

“The clothing says ‘diablo,' and I get the impression it contains the spirit of Vecna as well as the ancillary monsters.”

The gown was first seen on the runways of Christian Dior, but Hawke had a custom version made for her.

“The outfit contains a lot of show-related symbolism. The show is fantastic “she said.

“I wanted to demonstrate that through my appearance after almost three years of work on it.

Dior helped assist with the recreation of a dress from a previous season. With black and red nails, I wanted to go all out.”

Her red-carpet appearance turned out to be a family affair as well. She told Elle that she got ready at her mother's house with her younger sister, who “touched up” Hawke's hairstyle.

In terms of red carpet preparation, she remarked, “My mum offered me some advice on how to stand.”

Netflix Released the First 8 Minutes of Stranger Things: Watch Here!

Netflix released an 8-minute peek of season four's opening episode to generate anticipation for the show's May 27 premiere.

Stranger Things Premiere

The video begins in September 1979, transporting viewers to Hawkins National Laboratories, where Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was raised with other brilliant youngsters.

The trailer depicts Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) going through his morning routine before heading to the labs.

He takes another child to the lab, who has the number 010 tattooed on his wrist.

During the session, 10 is instructed to locate a Dr. Ellis, but when he does, he discovers that both Six and the doctor have died.

Dr. Brenner is hurt and reeling from the surprise attack in the next scene.

Apart from him, there are 10, who appear to be dead—and he's not the only one. Lights flicker on and off as Brenner wanders through the now-destroyed facility, revealing additional dead sprawled across the corridors.

Brenner enters the playroom through two doors, where a bloodied Eleven stands amid the chaos.

“How did you get here?” Before the screen goes black, Brenner asks.

Do you want to find out what happens next? You certainly do. Season four's first half (episodes one through seven) will launch on Netflix on May 27.

Continue reading if you want to discover more about the forthcoming episodes!

Hawkins is leaving.

Stranger Things was renewed for a fourth season in September of this year.

And it was evident from a compelling teaser on Twitter that the new season would take place outside of Indiana town.

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“We're not in Hawkins anymore,” the caption stated.

Stranger Things Has Arrived

Stranger Things authors' Twitter account inaugurated Video Store Fridays in October 2019, a list of movies that “relate in some way or another to season four,” according to the post.

Stranger Things Premiere

The first movie on the list? Ordinary People, The Peanut Butter Solution, Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, You've Got Mail and The Fisher King

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For roughly six months, the writers listed anything from Hellraiser 2 to Billy Madison and more.

The First Episode

The first episode of season four, titled, was teased in November 2019 “The Hellfire Club is the opening chapter.

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“What is the Hellfire Club, exactly? We have some suspicions, but we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Hopper's Destiny Is Unveiled

For those who may need a refresher, it was unclear whether David Harbour's character Jim Hopper was still alive at the end of Stranger Things season three.

Stranger Things Premiere

Netflix released a teaser in February 2020, showing a bald Hopper imprisoned in Russia.