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A Bit About Steven Yeun: Yeun Sang-yep, often known as Steven Yeun, is an American actor and producer born in South Korea. Yeun first gained notoriety for his performances as Glenn Rhee in The Walking Dead and Ben in the movie Burning. He received numerous prizes and favorable reviews for the latter.

Quick Facts About Steven Yeun

  • Born: December 21, 1983 (age 38 years), Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 5′ 9″
  • Spouse: Joana Pak (m. 2016)
  • Children: Jude Malcolm Yeun
  • Parents: Je Yeun, June Yeun
  • Siblings: Brian Yeun

Steven Yeun Net Worth

Steven Yeun, an American actor and producer of South Korean descent, has a 5 million net worth. “The Walking Dead” and later “Minari” was where Steven Yeun first gained notoriety.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

During his first year at Kalamazoo College, he developed a passion for theater and improv. After graduating, he persuaded his parents to let him pursue a performance profession full-time after he joined the college's improv club.

He moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he joined Second City Improv before moving to Los Angeles. The move turned out to be a wise one, and after landing a guest-starring part on “The Big Bang Theory,” he was cast as Glenn on “The Walking Dead,” which would make him famous.

Steven Yeun Early Life

Yeun was born to parents Je and Jun Yeun on December 21, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea. He grew up speaking Korean in a Christian home with his younger brother Brian.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

The family first relocated to Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1988 before making their way to Michigan in 1989. His father had been an architect in South Korea, and after the family immigrated to the United States, they operated a beauty supply company in Detroit.

You went to Ruth M. Buck Elementary before transferring to Troy High School, where he received his diploma in 2001. After that, he attended Kalamazoo College to study psychology with a focus on neuroscience, graduating with a bachelor's degree in 2005.

You made friends with comedian Jordan Klepper's sister while attending Kalamazoo, and she took him to see Klepper's improv show. Yeun was motivated to enroll in his first acting lesson due to this encounter.

He eventually grew close to Klepper and decided to move to Chicago with him to pursue an acting and improv career. Yeun's parents permitted him two years to explore a career in entertainment and supported him during this time, even though they ultimately hoped he would enroll in law or medical school.

Steven Yeun Career

You relocated to Chicago in 2005 and joined “Stir Friday Night!,” an Asian American sketch comedy group headquartered in the city. The Second City, one of the most renowned sketch-comedy troupes in the nation, was where he eventually joined. He decided to go to Los Angeles in October 2009 to advance his acting career.

In 2010, Yeun was cast as Glenn Rhee, who would become his breakthrough role in the AMC horror thriller “The Walking Dead.” The show was based on the corresponding comic book series—a group of individuals battle to survive a bloody zombie apocalypse in this story.

The program earned positive reviews from both reviewers and audiences and quickly rose to the top of the cable television ratings. Particularly in light of the character growth of Yeun's role throughout the six seasons that Yeun lasted on the show, Yeun's performance, in particular, received significant appreciation. After the season seven debut in 2016, he decided to depart.

Steven Yeun's Personal Life

Yeun wed photographer Joana Park in December 2016. They have two kids together and reside together in Los Angeles. He has invested in The Bun Shop, a Korean-Mediterranean fusion restaurant in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles, owned by his younger brother.

Steven Yeun Net Worth

Yeun is a supporter of both the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons. Additionally, he endorsed Andrew Yang for president in the 2020 US election.

Steven Yeun Promises New Look's “Absolute Spectacle” At Jordan Peele's Nope

Nope, Jordan Peele's newest horror film has received two brand-new teasers.

Steven Yeun plays Ricky “Jupe” Park, a former child actor and reality TV star who now operates a theme park. Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer are siblings living on a California ranch who find an unexplained flying object hovering above their home in the form of a spooky-looking cloud. But it's still unclear exactly how their tales are connected.

In the first teaser, Ricky says, “You are going to see an amazing extravaganza.” In the second footage, he asks, “Are you ready?” to a crowd at his theme park.

The character of Kaluuya is shown in a clip, appearing to be hidden or imprisoned in a shadowy area. No, he replies. “Run!” Brandon Perea's character is carried away by a strong gust of wind while Palmer's character cries from the saddle.

If you're looking for additional movie hints, check out the scary and mysterious look at Jupiter's Claim, Ricky's Western-themed amusement park featured on a promotional website.

Visitors can play games to earn “Jupe Jangles” on the site, which has areas for attractions, including a bank, theater, and general shop. On occasion, though, the website will go dark, and the upbeat language will transform into something more ominous.

After his 2017 debut Get Out, Kaluuya also featured, and his 2019 sequel Us, Nope is Peele's third film. Four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, were nominated for getting Out, and Peele took home the prize for Best Original Screenplay.