Step Up: High Water Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Where Can You Watch It?

The American drama TV show Step Up, which used to be called Step Up: High Water, is based on the Step Up movie series. It was first shown on YouTube Red on January 31, 2018.

Holly Sorensen made the show, and she and Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan also run it as executive producers. In May 2018, YouTube said that the show would be back for a second season, which began on March 20, 2019.

After two seasons, the show was taken off the air in August 2019. The show was picked up for a third season by Starz in May 2020. The third season's first episode came out on October 16, 2022.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Episode 1 Review

It took some time, changes in our ideas, and a move, but we're back! The Next Step: the police stop High Water Sage Odom's bus, and he is taken into custody. This puts an end to his planned tour and throws everyone into chaos. This is where Season 3, Episode 1, picks up.

While the show was on break, some changes were made. Some changes were made to the story and the cast. We will discuss these changes, such as the new story, the contemporary Tal and Collette, the new opening theme, and the new characters. The last opening theme was a banger.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Review

It sets the tone for the rest of the episode. The new theme isn't terrible. It takes a while to get into it, but after three or four times hearing it, it gets stuck in your head. I wish that they had made a more extended version. The actors and actresses also changed.

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Tal was played in the past by the British actor Petrice Jones. When YouTube decided to stop making scripted shows, High Water was canceled. Petrice then moved on to Locke and Key on Netflix. When Starz picked up Step Up, he was no longer available.

Keiynan Lonsdale from Australia was chosen to play Tal Baker. After Naya Rivera died, someone else was cast in the role of Collette Jones before filming for the third season began. The part of Collette was given to Christina Milana. We also learned about a new person named Angel.

The best way to meet her was the way we did. She must have lost the only thing she brought with her from London on the trip. She can't live without the bag she carries. It has the money she needs to live on while she goes after her High Water dream.

It's unclear if she's running away from something or toward something, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. Angel is determined, and the only thing she has to lose is her future.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Review

She knows it won't be easy because she's unlike everyone else. Her accent makes it clear. We also asked how our couples were doing. Teams in Step Up don't have the easiest time. In this world, you spend most of your time at work.

In the first few minutes of the episode, Odalie and Davis seem to have a good time together, but this doesn't last long. There always seems to be something getting in the way. I admire Odalie for staying with that man, even though it's hard and he doesn't help.

Tal and Johnny One appear to be doing pretty well. One good thing about them is that he is always there to cheer her up when her confidence dips, so that's good. If she isn't being careful around his fragile feelings, she is busy dealing with his problems.

I want them to do well, but Tal's sudden responsibilities seem to give them trouble. This man has done a lot for Tal, so Tal needs to keep him. He quit his job because he liked to be with Tal more. And this is what he gets in return? To be yelled at like an ordinary person?

No. I think these two couples are doomed because they are not emotionally or financially ready to be together. She was left alone. She is in trouble so she might go to Rigo for help. I can't say they don't have a thing going, but it seems they need each other more than they like each other.

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They both need each other. Rigo is bright, but he doesn't have strong beliefs. He can't seem to make up his mind and stick to it. He needs someone to speak up for him, and Poppy needs someone she can rely on financially and emotionally.

Step Up: High Water Season 3 Review

This plan isn't solid because their lives could change at any time, and if that happens, they might realize they don't love each other. Poppy will get tired of taking care of him like a baby. Collette and Sage, or as I call him, narcissist number 1, are also a time bomb.

Sage seems to be getting trouble from every direction. First of all, he has a problem with DA. Sage doesn't know what Collette is hiding from him, and the secret makes his life a living hell.

She wants to do well, in case that wasn't clear. And worse, she wants to put him in jail for it. All of his problems seem to be linked. Collette always lies to Rigo, making him think Sage killed his father.

Step Up: High Water Season 3: Cast

Most of the people in the second season returned for the third. Ne-Yo played Sage Odom, Faizon Love played AI Baker, and Terrence Green played Rigo. Patrice Jones played Tel Baker, Marcus Mitchell played Dondre, and Tricia Helfer played Erin.

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Carlito Olivero played David Jimenez, Jade Chynoweth played Odalie Allen, Eric Graise King, and Lauryn McClain played Janelle Baker. In Season 3 of Step Up: High Water, Kendra Oyesanya will play Poppy, and Marcus Mitchell will play Dondre.

How To Watch Step Up: High Water Season 3 Episode 1?

As mentioned above, Step Up: High Water is ready to return to the audience. The show will air for the first time on Starz. It's also available on the Starz app. The third season of Step Up High Water will be available on Netflix after it comes out. You can also watch it on YouTube Red after a while.

Step Up Season 3 | Official Trailer