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A Bit About Station 19

Andy Herrera is a confident firefighter who has spent most of her life at Seattle's Station 19. She is also the daughter of Pruitt Herrera, the strong leader of the firehouse.

Andy wanted to become a firefighter because of Capt. Pruitt. He is also a mentor to Andy and Jack Gibson, a lieutenant at the station.

Jack is just as brave as Andy is careful, but when they're together, sparks fly, and they're drawn to each other.

Ben Warren, who is new to the station, joins Maya Bishop, Dean Miller, Travis Montgomery, Victoria Hughes, and Ben Warren.

The team also works closely with the Seattle Police Department, where Andy's ex-boyfriend Ryan Tanner is often seen.

Quick Facts About Station 19

No. of episodes: 77 (list of episodes)
Program creator: Stacy McKee
Predecessor: Grey's Anatomy
Genres: Drama, Action fiction
Executive producers: Shonda Rhimes, Trey Callaway, Phillip Iscove
First episode date: March 22, 2018
Station 19 Season 1 Release Date: March 22, 2018
Station 19 Season 2 Release Date: October 4, 2018
Station 19 Season 3 Release Date: January 23, 2020
Station 19 Season 4 Release Date: November 12, 2020
Station 19 Season 5 Release Date: September 30, 2021


The Name of This Place is “Station 19” Boss Krista Vernoff on Where We Find Jack in Season 6

In the first episode of Season 6 of the firehouse drama, a dangerous tornado tears through Seattle.

Station 19 Season 6

  • That makes sense, given how upset the first responders are about things like Jack's (Grey Damon) sudden return and Maya's (Danielle Savre) bad decisions.
  • Krista Vernoff, who runs Station 19, says that since Lt. Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) was finally cleared of the accidental death of her would-be rapist, she has been “healing, thriving, and working hard to take care of those who aren't.”
  • That includes Jack, who is still in shock after learning that his birth parents raised some of his siblings he never knew about while sending him to an abusive foster care system.
  • Jack is back, but when we find him, says Vernoff, “he's no longer a firefighter and is struggling with this emotional fallout.”
  • Maya, on the other hand, is in a bad situation. Aside from the question of whether she and her wife Carina (Stefania Spampinato) will have a baby, there is also the fallout from her threat to tell about the secret relationship between fire chief Natasha Ross (Merle Dandridge) and Andy's ex-boyfriend Robert Sullivan (Robert Sullivan) (Boris Kodjoe).
  • Maya wants her captain's bars back, but blackmailing was “misguided,” says Vernoff, and there will be “consequences for all three.”
  • Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden), who is running for mayor, is still campaigning. He keeps running because he doesn't want his corrupt opponent, former fire chief Michael Dixon (Pat Healy), to win.
  • Vernoff says, “He's making an enemy out of Dixon,” but he gets points for risking his life to save people at a political event when a tornado hits. He has our vote!
  • Station 19's sixth season starts on Thursday, October 6, at 8 p.m. and 7 p.m.

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In the Intense Teaser for Season 6 of “Station 19,” “Now We Pray,” a Tornado Hits Seattle

Station 19's firefighters are almost back. The squad faces a natural disaster in the season 6 debut teaser.


  • Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden), Ben Warren (Jason Winston George), and Andy Herrera (Jaina Lee Ortiz) are among the first responders featured in the tough spot.
  • Stefania Spampinato, a Grey's Anatomy regular, is seen with Ben as he glances up.
  • An alarming scenario unfolds as firemen and people “take cover.” Travis advises a woman. “About now,” he says.
  • Winds pick up so much that even the smashed car disappears. “What about the woman in the yellow coupe?” Andy inquires.
  • Josh Randall's firefighter asks, “Where did she go?” The 2018 show was renewed for season 6 in January, with executive producer Krista Vernoff noting, “It's a joy to showcase the tales of our amazing first responders, who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.”

She said the early pickup was “a compliment to our great cast, crew, writers, and creative team, as well as our passionate fans.”

Station 19 Season 5 Ending Explained

Andy Herrera:

Andy has been coping with the legal repercussions of defending herself against an assault by fellow firefighter Jeremy throughout the last few episodes.

  • In the epilogue, Sarah collaborates with her attorney to track additional victims of Jeremy's earlier crimes.
  • Andy locates a barista in a coffee shop through her sleuthing on social media with whom he once attended college.
  • The barista first refuses to tell Andy what happened to her.
  • The second woman finally agrees to share her account of the attack with the district attorney, who accuses Andy of murder after the firefighter successfully persuades her.
  • The allegations against Andy were dropped once a different witness could vouch for Jeremy's character.
  • Additionally, Fire Chief Natasha Ross tells her that there is a lieutenant position available at Station 19 if Andy would like to return in a legal capacity.

Jack Gibson:

It found out that Jack Gibson was the departing employee. Due to the eye-opening trip, he met with his biological family, he is visibly upset.

Despite giving little information as to why he resigned as a lieutenant, Jack appeared to be sure of his choice as the season finale ended with him accelerating away in his truck.

Maya Bishop and Carina DeLuca: 

The most recent episode reminded viewers that Carina was a temporary visitor to the US.

She and Maya were questioned about their relationship in front of an immigration officer.

Even though Carina frequently overshares and Maya often interrupts, the two were to persuade immigration that their love was genuine. The excellent doctor received her Green Card.

Other Maya news: She's still furious that she wasn't given a chance to take over as commander of Station 19.

By approaching Chief Ross and Robert and asserting that she is aware of their relationship, she attempts a “power maneuver.”

Maya declares that she will make that information public until she gets her job back. The three exchange no more words after throwing down the gauntlet.

Sean Beckett:

Even if Chief Ross chooses to succumb to Maya's plan, Sean Beckett is already in charge of the unit. He finally admits to having a drinking problem and tells Robert he intends to go to rehab, but he hasn't announced he's quitting his job.

Travis Montgomery:

Travis spends the whole season finale of the show raving about how Michael Dixon, a former Seattle fire chief running for mayor of the city, disgusts him.

He is so furious that he tells Chief Ross about his intentions to challenge Dixon and Dixon's unfavorable viewpoints.

It remains to be seen if Travis will run for mayor based on his principles or if he'll follow the advice of his colleagues and run as a conservative opponent to unseat Dixon with conservative votes.