Station 19 Season 5 Release Date, Spoilers, Reviews and Everything we Know

Before we begin, let's have a super-short QnA. What type of jobs do you like? Don't worry, it's not an advertisement but linked to Station 19 instead. The series is all about a heroic firefighter department in Seattle. The newest recruit, captain down the ranks, gives us a jab of their personal as well as professional lives!

If it excites you to see how fire stations work, it will be super fun for you to watch. But even if you're just looking for an entertaining and engaging series, this one is undoubtedly not the wrong choice! So without any delay, let's discuss Station 19 Season 5 release date, cast, plot, the story so far, where to watch and much more.

Station 19 Overview

Having a total time of about 45 minutes per episode and a total of 60 episodes, the 5 seasons based show is great fun to watch! It is an American action PLUS drama television series that aired on ABC on March 22, 2018. It was developed by Stacy McKee and launched on March 22, 2018. 

Being Grey's Anatomy's second spin-off, Station 19 is filmed in Seattle and follows the lives of the men and women who work at Seattle Fire Station 19. 

Executive producers for the show include McKee, Shonda Rhimes, Betsy Beers, and Paris Barclay. Shondaland and ABC Studios co-produce it, with McKee acting as showrunner for the first two seasons until being replaced by Krista Vernoff in season three.

ABC ordered the spin-off for a second season in May 2017. Ortiz was cast in July 2017, while the rest of the group arrived in October. The majority of the series' filming takes place in Los Angeles. The sitcom was renewed by ABC for a fourth season in March 2020, which debuted on November 12, 2020. 

Station 19 Primary Cast & Characters

Primary cast of Station 19 Season 5

Station 19 Season 5 Release Date & Where to Watch

Being part of ABC's Thursday lineup, the first episode, “Phoenix From The Flame”, has already aired on September 30, 2021. With a whopping 5+ million users of viewership already, the show is doing great again! Because ABC is one of the four main networks available in all U.S. markets, Station 19 is open to all traditional cable/satellite pay-TV customers as well as anybody using a TV antenna to get local signals. 

If you prefer live TV streaming, Fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV are among the services that provide customers with access to their local ABC station in real-time.

Customers who subscribe to a cable/satellite pay-TV or live TV streaming provider could use their login credentials to watch the newest episodes of Station 19 on, in case you missed the live broadcast.

You can also watch previous seasons and the latest episodes on Hulu. In addition, the platform is offering both options: Ad-free and unpaid option.

Station 19 Season 5 Plot

SPOILERS ALERT! It contains some information from the latest episodes. Station 19 is a drama set in Seattle that chronicles the lives of the firemen and EMTs who work at the city's eponymous fire station. Andy Herrera, in particular, grew up at the station since her father, Captain Pruitt Herrera, was the station's commander and her inspiration.

In the final episode of Season 4, we saw that too much love was in the air in all of its forms – growing, solidifying, and losing it. 

A still from Station 19 Season 5 Episode 1

Maya and Carina's wedding was the focus of the episode. But Jack, Dean, and Travis all battled with their own relationship difficulties meanwhile. 

To summarise, Jack and Inara's relationship is coming to an end as she goes away. Travis confronts Emmett; he wants to take their friendship beyond, and the two kiss and Dean finally summons the guts to tell Vic how he feels, only to see her make peace with Theo. 

Andy and Sullivan's marriage had hit rock bottom as a result of Sullivan's decision to campaign for Bishop's removal as firehouse chief, something Andy did not agree with.


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