Starmon Metaverse: Exquisitely Designed, Low Obstacles, Wide Range of Options | Must Know!

As the year 2021 draws to a close, the crypto asset market will be through a period of turmoil. A number of industries have been re-ignited in this year's market, and it appears that metaverse blockchain games will maintain their popularity in 2021 and surpass them as the market leader in the New Year.

According to the current market performance, investors' interest in the blockchain gaming sector has re-ignited, and the crypto assets of popular blockchain game projects like MANA, AXS, and SAND have all seen large increases in value this week, among other things.

If you felt like you lost out on a lot in 2021, make sure you don't miss out on StarMon, which is predicted to take the lead in the chain gaming industry in 2022. According to the most recent news published by StarMon, the StarMon game testing phase will come to a conclusion this week, and the full game will be launched shortly thereafter.

As of right now, StarMon has more than 70,000 followers on its official Twitter account, and its trading market for in-game characters has reached 24,000 BNBS (worth approximately USD 13 million).

In addition to Southeast Asia, South Asia, South America, and other places, Kols and communities in these regions continue to promote StarMon. As the formal launch of the game draws closer, the StarMon community is becoming more excited about the unique advantages that StarMon has over other comparable projects.

Starmon Metaverse
Starmon Metaverse

Exquisitely Designed Game

Having a Starmon on your team is a must, and each Starmon has its own unique look, elemental qualities, and ability values, as well as skills and personalities.

There are six specific skills for each Starmon, including health, speed, agility, defence, special attack, and resiliency (Special Defense).

Starmon's posture also depends on its ability, which decides whether it is stronger at guarding or attacking. Additional materials and characters will also influence Starmon's powers.

In addition, Starmon's fight performance is also influenced by the field and the weather, such as a Sarmon will also benefit from the correct circumstances.

Starmon, like animals in the real world, may produce babies by mating two of its own kind. The likelihood of receiving traits like looks, attitude, and aptitude from one's parents is very high. Breeding great kids is theoretically easier if both parents are exceptional.

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However, there is a slight possibility that kids will inherit qualities from the racial gene pool that do not belong to either parent, which can often surprise players.

Low Obstacles and a Wide Range of Options

It's not uncommon for blockchain games to be 2D or web-based, focusing on DeFi rather than gameplay. Unlike Pokemon, StarMon is a 3D mobile game with gameplay that resembles that of Pokemon.

Playable or planned game scenarios include PVE adventures, PVP arenas, and land construction in StarMon at the moment. To win, players must battle against an organization called “Predator” and collect a range of items dropped by the killed foes at a new level.

The more difficult it is to win, and the more bountiful your prize will be, the further up the level you go in the PVE adventure mode.

In PVP, participants go toe-to-toe. Competitors who wish to go up the ranks must continually enhance their Starmon's abilities and develop the most effective matching and operation strategies. PVP Ladder tournaments for exceptional trainers will also be launched by StarMon.
For long-term environmental prosperity and stability, the deflationary model is a must-have.

As a result of the introduction of StarMon, the Play to Earn initiative, on which all blockchain gamers will be focused, has officially begun.

In order to get started with StarMon, you need to own three Starmons, which costs less than 1,000 USDT. Another blockchain game developed by YooShi, DNAxCAT, has been released and its Play to Earn earnings have stabilised within the first 30 days of operation.

With DNAxCAT as a guide, it's safe to assume a StarMon return cycle of at least 60 days. Moreover, StarMon's performance may improve in the future as a high-quality blockchain game project.

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An analogy may be drawn between StarMon and Axie Infinity's ecosystems, which both include governance and a game-related token. StarMon also implemented a deflationary model for SMON and GST situations in order to maintain consistent Play to Earn income and a healthy ecological economy.

Uses for SMON and GST include breeding/incubation, evolution/skills/talent/potential development, etc. To maintain the continued value support of the Starmon itself, however, in circumstances like Starmon evolution other Starmons will be devoured as materials.

For gamers, StarMon provides the ideal gaming experience because of its 3D graphics, smooth gameplay, and fascinating aesthetics. In addition, the learning curve for StarMon is not too steep.

However, in order to become a great Starmon trainer on the continent of Andres, players must also learn about the game's different settings. StarMon's playability is substantially enhanced by the interplay between the game's complicated settings and the impacts of battle.

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The Sermons, resources, props, etc. in the game are all owned by the players, thanks to the game's underlying blockchain technology. StarMon, the most promising blockchain game project in the growing metaverse, will continue to attract attention in the years to come.