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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5: Release Date | Plot | Cast | First Look | and Everything We Know!

When will season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery be available to watch online? When it premiered in 2017, Star Trek: Discovery was the first Star Trek television series in almost a decade. The show has had its ups and downs, but it really started to shine after the second season, as are most Star Trek shows.

So far, four seasons of the science fiction shows have been released, and more are on the way. Season 4 of Star Trek: Discovery was a huge departure for the franchise and easily stands as one of the strongest seasons overall. The season's main overall idea was that the show's characters would have to deal with the fallout of being thrust into the future by 900 years.

So, it's clear that the series has been making significant improvements. But where will Season 5 of Star Trek: Discovery find the USS Discovery's crew, and when will it premiere? Well, we've put up a handy summary with all you need to know about the series from all the data we have so far.

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Program creators:
Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller
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Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Fuller, David Semel
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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Release Date: When Will It Air?

According to thesigmahunt, the show's return for a fifth season has been confirmed, but no exact premiere date has been set. It's expected to debut in early 2023, per Paramount's announcement.

Star Trek Discovery Season 5 Storyline Rumors

The end of Star Trek Discovery season 4 was so exciting and dramatic that season 5 could go in any direction. There is nothing to follow, and the end of season 4 was pretty open-ended even though most of the plot points were wrapped up.

The Star Trek Discovery season 5 trailer (more on that later) gives the impression that Burnham and her crew will go on a treasure hunt across the galaxy. Still, there will be plenty of time for other adventures, so here are some ideas for what Star Trek Discovery season 5 could do in addition to that.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

What's next for Book? is a question that the series will want to answer. When we last saw him, he was being punished for temporarily working with the bad guy Tarka to help people who had been hurt by the DMA.

But that doesn't have to be the end of the Book's story. The series could continue to follow him in his new life.

Rebuilding the Federation is another storyline that Star Trek Discovery season 5 will almost certainly look at. After “The Burn,” the Federation lost a lot of power and influence, and it has been hard for it to get back on its feet. With Earth's return, people could see how the Federation becomes a force for good again in the galaxy and beyond.

Star Trek Day also gave a broad, vague overview of the plot, which fits with the theme of the treasure hunt.

The description says, “Captain Burnham and the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery solve a mystery that sends them on an epic adventure across the galaxy to find an ancient power whose existence has been hidden for hundreds of years.”

But there are also other people on the hunt… There are dangerous enemies who want the prize for themselves and will do anything to get it.

Lastly, there's no doubt that Star Trek Discovery season 5 will keep making the crew's relationships stronger. This has been one of the most important parts of the show, and Star Trek Discovery's beating heart has been a lot of unlikely friendships, like the one between Tilly and Saru.

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With the help of Saru and her other senior staff, Michael Burnham will definitely get better at being a captain in season 5.

Who is on the Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Cast and Crew?

Most of the cast from season four seems likely to come back, and the following has already been confirmed:

  • Captain Michael Burnham is played by Sonequa Martin-Green.
  • Doug Jones – Saru
  • Paul Stamets – Anthony Rapp
  • Mary Wiseman – Sylvia Tilly
  • Wilson Cruz – Dr. Hugh Culber
  • David Ajala – Cleveland ‘Book' Booker
  • Blu Del Barrio – Adira
  • Gray, Ian Alexander
  • Keyla Detmer – Emily Coutts
  • Oyin Oladejo – Joann Owosekun
  • Tig Notaro – Jett Reno
  • David Cronenberg – Kovich
  • Tara Rosling – T'Rina
  • Charles Vance – Oded Fehr

Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

We also know at least three things about the new people. Callum Keith Rennie stands out because he will play Rayner, a Starfleet captain who “draws a clear line between commander and crew.”

Elias Toufexis and Eve Harlow, who will play former couriers L'ak and Moll, will join him. L'ak and Moll are likely to be looking for the same artifact as the Discovery crew.

Alex Kurtzman and Michelle Paradise are back in charge of running the show.

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Where Can I Watch Past Seasons of Star Trek: Discovery?

The US and UK can only watch the show on the streaming service Paramount+, which used to be called CBS All Access. Prices for subscriptions start at $6.99 (£4.99). But new users get a free seven-day trial, and Sky customers in the UK can sign up for free.

If that doesn't work, you can buy episodes from “participating digital platforms” in the UK, Germany, France, Russia, and South Korea, and “select additional countries.” You can get them at the following places in the UK:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Google Play
  • The Apple TV
  • YouTube

Prices start at £1.99 per SD episode and £2.50 per HD episode. Some stores also have deals on the whole box set before it comes out.

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Check out the trailer for season 5 of Discovery

So far, we've only seen one trailer for the fifth season. It's more of a teaser than a real trailer, but it does give us a taste of what's to come:

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