Star Atlas Metaverse: Governance, Timeframe, Crypto Coin | Latest Info!

Using the Solana blockchain, Star Atlas is a new-generation gaming metaverse. When it comes to metaverse gaming, Star Atlas seeks to combine the possibility to earn virtual currency with an immersive experience.

At a time when humanity has colonized and developed space, this game takes place in 2620. It's up to you to stop new threats from emerging across the universe.

People, an alliance of extraterrestrial races, and intelligent androids make up the three dominant groups in this world. Any one of the four factions can be taken up by a player. Culture, technology, and strengths and weaknesses vary widely among the various factions.

The three groups are battling for wealth and power in a space that is currently controlled by none. A player's ultimate goal is to travel the vastness of space, discover new worlds, create and protect outposts, engage in battle and mining, and trade with other players for the money.

Basically, Star Atlas is a cross between a role-playing game and a real-time strategy game. It is possible for players to explore the universe, interact with other people and fulfill quests, build structures, and exchange materials.

Additionally, they can mine for materials on asteroids or moons. Using these resources, they can manufacture new technology, improve their ships, construct fortifications, and expand their colonies.

Exploring deep space, warfare and building space stations and vessels are just some of the activities that players can engage in in the Star Atlas Metaverse. They can even forge alliances to gain control of resources.

Star Atlas is the first and only blockchain game to offer such a wide range of options. The Star Atlas Metaverse is unquestionably going to exceed and outperform its competition in a number of areas.

What Is the Star Atlas Crypto Coin (STAR)?

Cryptocurrencies ATLAS and POLIS are the backbones of the Star Atlas Metaverse. The ATLAS token is used to buy assets in the game.

As a bonus, NFTs can be used to buy ships and other gaming goods from the marketplace. For these cities in outer space, the POLIS token will be used as a governance token for game-related choices.

Currently, the Star Atlas crypto coin (ATLAS) price is $0.079029 USD, with a trading volume of $11,973,418 USD in the past 24 hours.

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The price of Star Atlas cryptocurrency has dropped by 7.87 percent over the past day. CoinMarketCap ranks the coin at No. 316, with a current market value of $170,702,413 USD, as of this writing.

Star Atlas Metaverse
Star Atlas Metaverse

FTX, Bitget,, ZT, and Bitrue are currently the major cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Star Atlas shares. Stay tuned to this page for additional updates on the Star Atlas Metaverse and its cryptocurrency!

What is the metaverse timeframe for Star Atlas?

According to Wagner, Star Atlas has three distinct value propositions: 1) an outstanding gaming experience, 2) the possibility of playing and earning in order to win, and 3) the opportunity for future innovators to contribute to the final metaverse vision.

They hope to create an open economy where anyone with a wallet can participate by using blockchain and the Solana protocol as the foundation.

For example, “We want to open up the sandbox and the toolset so that individuals may build stuff around Star Atlas that isn't guided completely from us.

” At some point in the future, “all of these diverse planets and experiences will be able to exist in a single, unified universe where all of these different planets and experiences can coexist.”

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It is possible that a player's earnings from the game, which are supported by the distribution of one of the two native digital currencies, might be utilized to engage in other decentralized finance primitives such as liquidity pools or automated market-making.

With the advent of decentralized finance, he believes, “players will have access to a multitude of new tools and technological alternatives that they wouldn't have had access to before.”

Star Atlas Metaverse
Star Atlas Metaverse

Using Blockchain Technology to Empower Players to Govern Themselves

At its core, Star Atlas envisions a decentralized metaverse in which players have complete control over who lives and dies in the Star Atlas universe. This involves not just commerce and socialization, but also the removal of the developers as the sole rulers of the Star Atlas universe.

“We're legitimately constructing a product that we feel will be a public utility that anyone can participate in, whether or not we have our consent,” Wagner adds.

With the game's decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and the POLIS token, this will be the case. It's a pay-to-win situation: With the token, users get some control over the platform, which includes being able to instruct the creative team on product development and making decisions about the economics and the governance of the platform itself.

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When it comes to the way most firms work—creating and retaining intellectual property (IP)—Wagner sees this as “very transformational, since it's so different from the way that most organizations operate.

” For the time being, “We just have a unique paradigm through which we are able to keep value through our own ownership of the Polis token.”