Stanley Tucci is coming up with Searching for Italy series

Stanley Tucci has revealed fresh details about his cancer struggle, including how it affected his work on the CNN culinary series Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy. The Oscar nominee made the remarks in a New York Times interview published on Saturday. He describes how his rehabilitation damaged his capacity to relish the meals he wanted to elevate with his Emmy-nominated trip docuseries, adding that “awful” radiation treatments resulted in vertigo, mouth ulcers, and a loss of appetite, among other things.

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What is Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy About?

“Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” a CNN original series, follows actor, writer, and producer Stanley Tucci as he travels around Italy to learn about the country's cuisine and culture. The six-part documentary series brings together some of life's greatest pleasures: travel, cuisine, and all things Italian.

Tucci, a four-time Emmy Award winner and Academy Award contender who has starred in films such as “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Big Night,” and “Spotlight,” among others, visits a new area of Italy for each episode. Tucci, who is both personable and down-to-earth, begins each episode by telling the viewers that his objective is to “learn how the food in each of our country's 20 regions is as distinct as the people and their history.”

Tucci not only enjoys wonderful food but also spends time discussing the influences that influenced each region's cuisine in the series, which premiered in early 2021 and was distributed for streaming on HBO Max in late summer. Tucci teaches viewers about the nation's rich history, which is intrinsically related to cuisine, as they learn about the distinctive dishes of Campania, Lazio, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany, and Sicily.

Tucci utilises a food and travel program to convey deeper messages, encouraging viewers to think about the historical, economic, and political elements that affect current Italian society.

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stanley tucci searching for italy

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What is Tucci Doing in the Series?

Tucci meets individuals from all walks of life in every city he visits. Tucci speaks with villagers, small business owners, and food producers in addition to the usual gathering of famed restaurateurs, Michelin-starred chefs, and food journalists. When he speaks to Italians who run enterprises that have been in their family for decades — or even centuries — one of the most effective portions of the show is when he speaks to them.

Throughout the series, eccentric individuals such as Daniele di Michele, a chef and D.J. who cooks while spinning records, appear. Tucci even has dinner with a Sicilian princess, a descendant of the last line of Sicilian royalty. Despite its strong links to history, he exploits her unique status as proof of how far the country has evolved.

Tucci begins his adventure in Naples, where he learns about the history of pizza and sees a cheesemaker who turns buffalo milk into mozzarella before heading to the stunning Amalfi Coast. Locals here employ Amalfi lemons in everything from cappuccino to lemon cream-filled sweets, as well as making the popular limoncello.

Tucci deftly blends history into each episode, and he does so in a compelling manner. Tucci examines the nation's economic, political, and social issues in Campania, a topic that runs throughout the series. “We may think of a bowl of pasta as the greatest comfort meal,” Tucci says in pasta-obsessed Rome, “but there's a decidedly unpleasant history of Italians battling tyranny through pasta.”

We'll study how pasta began as a working-class staple and evolved into a symbol of resistance to Mussolini's fascist rule in the 1930s. Throughout the presentation, such examples of food's historical and political significance abound.

stanley tucci searching for italy

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How Does the Series Ends?

Tucci travels to the town of Vittoria in Sicily in the last episode. He meets with Arianna Occhipinti, a 38-year-old winemaker who is breaking barriers in a typically male-dominated industry. Lampedusa, a tiny island off the coast of Italy, is where local fisherman try to assist refugees arriving by boat from destitute and war-torn countries. A Nobel Prize nomination was made for the entire island.

“The assimilation of immigrants into a society allows that society so much better, so much stronger, so much richer, so much more intriguing,” Tucci says. It's not natural to turn folks away.” Tucci smoothly speaks in on a contentious subject facing the country while learning about southern Italian food.

Traditional Italian recipes and family cooking secrets are featured in “Searching for Italy.” Despite the fact that the show is primarily on Italian cuisine, there is something for everyone in this series. “The palate is the organ that links Italy,” Tucci said. Aside from foodies and master chefs, everyone interested in Italian history, geography, politics, or even fashion can find something to whet their interest. This would be much more true if he broadened his search within the country. Tucci, after all, has vowed to sample the food of each of Italy's 20 regions.

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Wrapping Up

With stunning images of the Italian countryside and towns as a backdrop, it's tough not to fantasise about la dolce vita. If you weren't already infatuated with Italy and planning your next vacation there before seeing “Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy,” you will be after seeing it.