STALKER 2: Everything you need to know!

Stalker 2 is now officially confirmed to be in the works. The Zone, a heavily contaminated and extremely dangerous area surrounding the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, will be the setting for the long-awaited sequel to the dearly beloved (and lovingly janky) Stalker series.


The first-person survival shooter series is renowned for its bleak atmosphere, terrifying monsters and mutants, and extremely unforgiving combat. Fans (including myself) have been anticipating the sequel to the film since it was first announced in 2010.

This page contains all of the information we have about Stalker 2.

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What is Stalker 2's release date?


The release date for Stalker 2 is set for December 8, 2022. Stalker 2 was originally scheduled to release in April, but GSC Game World has announced that it will be delayed in order to “fulfill our vision.”

Will Stalker 2 be on PC?

Yes! Previously, the Stalker series was only available on PC, but Stalker 2 is now available on Xbox One as a “console launch exclusive” That's a difficult phrase to grasp, but it doesn't necessarily imply that PC players will have to wait. It simply means that PlayStation owners will be unable to access the service. According to the official Stalker 2 website, the PC version will be released at the same time as the Xbox version.

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Is there any trailer?

You can see the Stalker 2 trailer, which was shown at E3, below if you have your eager anomaly detectors (I mean, your eyes) ready. It begins with a group of mercenaries huddled around a campfire, singing and playing guitar, as should every Stalker-related episode. As a Stalker, Skif raids a camp, we get a glimpse of some gunplay. It's a little more Call of Duty than we'd expect from Stalker combat, which typically entails being extremely cautious and not charging headlong into a group of enemies. We also get to see some on-the-fly weapon modding as well as some impressive-looking explosions, as well as an encounter with a bloodsucker, a monster that veteran Stalker players are well-versed in fighting.

Then there's an expedition into a bleak-looking swamp to find an artifact. A headcrab-like monster is drawn into an anomaly, and Skif uses a new detector and some thrown bolts to avoid another, followed by the acquisition of a valuable artifact. It definitely has a Stalkery feel to it.

Are NFTs a thing in Stalker 2?


Yes, at first, but then no, and now hopefully it will continue to be no as well. It was announced on December 15th that GSC Game World would be collaborating with NFTs to offer players the opportunity to have their images captured and scanned onto the faces of NPCs or to gain access to “unique” items through a blockchain auction.

This did not last long, as the next step was taken the following day, when NFT's involvement with Stalker 2 was retracted, demonstrating that the answer to the question ‘what are you selling?' was not, in fact, NFTs, as previously stated.

As a result, it appears that Stalker 2 will be spared the wrath of the non-fungible token craze currently sweeping the internet.

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Final Words

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