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Who Is SSSniperWolf Dating Now? Full Relationship History & All You Need to Know!

SSSniperwolf, is he single? Popularity draws interest from the general public as well as one's audience.

Celebrities like SSSniperwolf wouldn't anticipate anything less than a keen interest in the minor particulars from the online community. Her dating history is something that fans are curious about.

October 22, 1992 (age 29 years), Liverpool, United Kingdom
Full name: Alia Shelesh
TV shows: Ultimate Expedition, Clickbait
Nationality: American, British
Awards: Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Gamer
Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Gamer, Teen Choice Award for Choice Gamer

Who is the Boyfriend of SSSniperWolf?

After a long relationship with her ex-boyfriend, the YouTube sensation is now by herself. So what's the full name of SSSniperwolf's ex-boyfriend? Evan Sausage is his name. He was born in the United States on March 28, 1992.

Sssniperwolf Dating

When writing, he has over 452k subscribers on his YouTube account as a gamer and vlogger.

His published videos on the channel have received more than 13.8 million views. He is a well-known YouTube gamer who enjoys playing Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and Metal Gear Solid.

How Did Sausage and SSSniperWolf First Connect?

SSSniperwolf's boyfriend, and how did they meet? In a video posted to YouTube in November 2015, Lia Shelesh gave comprehensive details regarding her first meeting with Evan Sausage.

Sssniperwolf Dating

  • When the gamer was less well-known in 2013, she posted a YouTube video with a Metal Gear Rising guide. Thankfully, the video gained a lot of popularity and views.
  • She decided to reply because she thought the message was amusing. They started talking and sharing images after this served as an icebreaker, getting to know one another even better.
  • The YouTuber eventually handed Evan her phone number. The two would talk for hours at a time, sometimes even overnight.
  • Finally, the two decided to meet after getting to know one another.
  • As this was Evan and SSSniperwolf's first serious relationship, neither had ever been in one before; they were wary.
  • According to SSSniperwolf, Evan immediately began to flee when they initially met.
  • Due to Lia's issues controlling her wrath, SSSniperwolf and her partner encountered numerous problems early in their relationship.

Fortunately, they were able to deal with the situation and decided to forge a close bond with one another. The couple eventually decided to purchase a home as a unit.

Are Sausage and SSSniperWolf Still Dating?

The fact that we watched a video in which SSSniperWolf's lover, Evan Sausage, recorded her as she conducted a house tour suggests that the two are still together as of 2019.

  • SSSniperWolf was asked if she had an ex when recording a Q&A video in May 2020, and her response was NO. This summarizes the couple's continued relationship that year in a nutshell.
  • They got married and started living together. Despite having been together for so long, they rarely shared photos or videos of themselves. Neither of them has made a split announcement.
  • We occasionally catch a glimpse of one of them on the social media accounts of the other.
  • Everyone SSSniperWolf and her boyfriend Evan Sausage were still together.
  • But it's been a while since the two appeared in each other's videos. Since 2019, they haven't posted a picture of themselves.
  • Additionally, they haven't mentioned one another on social media. We, therefore, have no genuine way of knowing if they are still together or have split.
  • Sausage hasn't posted any fresh content on his YouTube channel in almost two years.
  • On his Instagram, he didn't make any reference to SSSniperwolf. On the other hand, SSSniperwolf has never brought him up.

Therefore, they may prefer to retain all that comes their way for themselves or that they each take a different route.


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