Spy X Family Chapter 80 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap and Where To Read!

The next chapter of Spy x Family will reveal what transpired after Yor's inebriated antics in Chapter 79. Is she likely to recall what happened last night, and would Loid bring it up? Yor offered to assist Camilla and Millie when they realized they were going to run out of time to do their assignment.

Camilla was so appreciative that she began crying at the sight of Yor, whom she considered an angel for aiding her. Yor advised her to consider it repayment for the time she had spent teaching her to cook.

Camilla's admission that Yor owed her money did not take long. In order to get their work done on time, Millie requested to spend overnight at Sharon's house. Sharon did not want to stay late at the office, especially because she was already exhausted, but she did so since her coworkers required her assistance.

Sharon mentioned to Yor that she has been having frequent conversations with her and the other female students. Yor took her criticism as a personal attack and apologized profusely. When Yor asked if it bothered Sharon, she assured her that it was none of their business.

Only afterwards did Yor learn that Sharon never allowed anyone to get close to her because she was ashamed of her job. She had other secrets to keep hidden, including the fact that she had recently faked her marriage, and she hadn't been particularly diligent.

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What is Spy x Family All About?

Tatsuya Endo's Spy X Family is an action-packed and hilarious read. Our protagonist Twilight is an expert snoop. When tasked with learning what he needs to know, he decides to start a family, which has a profound effect on his outlook on life.

To adopt Anya Forger, a little girl, he pretends to be her biological father and changes his name to Loid. Since he has no idea that she has the ability to read minds, he has her enroll in a prestigious academic institution. He wed the deadly assassin known as the Thorn Princess, Yor Forger.

Spy x Family Chapter 80 Release Date!

Spy x Family chapter 80 will be released on May 15, 2023 at 12 a.m. JST. On Sunday morning, local time, many people in other parts of the world will be able to read the issue. However, on Monday night, just like Japanese readers, fans all over the world will be able to read the chapter.

Spy x Family Chapter 80 Spoilers!

The clues… In around three years, when Agent Twilight and the Thorn Princess face up against the Twiyor, I will be there with bells on. Imagine the tension if even one of them is out to defeat the other.

Predicting what will happen in Spy x Family chapter 80 is extremely difficult, as has always been the case between major story arcs. Either the beginning of a big story arc or a standalone tale involving a Forger family member is possible.

Spy X Family Chapter 80 Release Date

It's also difficult to predict which Forger will serve as the protagonist of the following story arc or standalone episode. Given what we know so far, it's equally possible that Yor will continue to be the focus of Spy x Family chapter 80, or that the story will shift to Loid or Anya.

The following issue may include less of Anya if a new major plot arc begins then. Loid's prominence suggests that he may be the focus of the next story arc. There's always a potential, though, that Yor will take center stage for quite some time.

Spy x Family Chapter 79 Recap

When Sharon inquired as to Anya's well-being following the hijacking incident, Yor happily informed her that Anya was doing fine, just as she had previously, or as if she had never had any trouble following the occurrence.

Sharon felt relieved to learn that Anya was safe. Camilla prompted them to end their idle chatter and get down to business. They had been at it for hours but had eventually completed their task.

Yor told the girls she was leaving to go back to her house. Millie expressed gratitude to Yor for her assistance, and Sharon suggested they all grab a bite to eat because she was starving after a long day at the office.

Sharon invited Yor to come along by asking if she was interested. Yor first questioned whether or not she was welcome to participate. But then she changed her mind and made plans to spend dinner with Camilla and the girls at their usual haunt.

Yor decided it would be best for her professional image if she made an effort to socialize with her employees. Yor informed the ladies that she would be joining them for dinner and that she would be calling her husband to let him know about the plans.

Spy X Family Chapter 80 Release Date

Camilla was upset because she did not want to treat them, but there was no turning back now that Yor had invited them to dinner. After a few drinks, Camilla and the girls began talking about their private lives at the restaurant, and soon everyone was very tipsy.

Camilla inquired as to Yor's marital bliss and the state of their household. Yor told them that Loid exemplified the ideal husband that every woman dreams of finding.

Where You Can Read Spy x Family Chapter 80?

The most current chapter of the manga to appear online was Chapter 79, which was released on April 30, 2023; Chapter 80 has yet to be published. Spy x Family, up to and including Chapter 79, is currently available on Viz Media. The Japanese magazine Shonen Jump now features Spy x Family Chapter 79.

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