Spain Beat Croatia by Eight Goals in Extra Time to Advance to the Quarterfinals

A Spain Is in the quarterfinals Eurocup. Playing before Croatia, In an electrification match, the Spaniards won 3-1 until the 39th of the second leg, met with a draw, but won 5-3 in extra time with a performance from Danny Olmo.

Now the Anger Waiting for your enemy. It comes from the competition between France e Switzerland, Which is happening this Monday (28).

The classification came with great emotion. Croatia came forward. And a goal given by the Spanish players. In the 19th minute of the first half, Petrie supported Unai Simon as he tried to dominate, but the puncher did, and saw the ball go smoothly.

The tie came in at 37. Gaye tried twice until Livakovic stumbled and the ball fell to Pablo Sarabia. Attacker Paris Saint-Germain He took the rest in the middle of the area and left everything as it was.

The turning point came right at the beginning of the final phase. In the 11th minute, after a cross from Ferran Torres, Asbiliquetta appeared well in the area, hoping for defense and scored the second goal. Anger. This is the player's first goal Chelsea By choice.

In the 31st minute, after a pass from Pav Torres, Ferran Torres, who had provided an assist for the coming goal, scored on the left and finished third.

Croatia set fire to the game. At the age of 39, after moving from the right and coming back to that area, Arsik reached the goal for it. Spain's defense also took it off, but the referee confirmed the ball's entry.

The tie came in at 46. After a cross from Arsenal, Basalic appeared for free in the area and picked up the game in overtime.

In extra time, Morata's star appeared. T-shirt 7 already hit in normal time, but offside. Nine minutes into the first half, when Croatia were too frightened, they took a cross from forward Danny Olmo, who took the defense and dominated and scored a superb goal from the left.

The fifth came at 12 p.m. With another help from Danny Olmo, Highsable received, scored from the left and sealed the Spanish assortment.

With the win, in addition to qualifying, Spain reached 12 games unbeaten. There are six wins and six tracks. The last defeat was for Ukraine in 2020.

The situation of the champion

With the win, Spain advances to the quarterfinals of the Euro Cup. Croatia has already been eliminated. The Louis Enrique-led side are already making a better euro than in 2016, when they fell in the 16th round. Italy

As the Croatians advanced to the knockout, they repeated the 2016 campaign, but were eliminated in the 16th round. In that version, they fell to the champion Portugal.

Or face: Danny Olmo

Ferran Torres was on the field until he left Spain. But still Anger Eventually Croatia took the draw and needed extra time to decide the match. That’s when the character changed.

Danny Olmo, who entered when the match was 3-1, shone in overtime. With two assists, the midfielder R.P. Leipzig Commanded Spain's victory and qualification for the quarterfinals.


Marcos Cenna plays a statue at Villarreal and the Barcelona duo for the Spanish team

That's wrong: Unai Seaman

In the first round, the goalkeeper made one of the biggest mistakes of the Euro Cup so far. After a setback from Petrie – who confirmed the goal against him – Simon tried to dominate, wiped the ball and saw it go towards the goal.

Upcoming games

By classification for the quarterfinals, it now faces anyone who passes France and Switzerland.


Destinations: Croatia: Petrie (vs.), Archic and Basalic; Spain: Pablo Sarabia, Asbiliquetta, Ferran Torres, Morata and Highsable

Croatia: Livakovic; Juranovic (Breccalo), Caletta-Carr, Vita e Cardiol; Kovacic (Pudimir), Prosovic and Motrik (Ivanosek); Vlasic (Basalic), Repik (Arsic) and Petkovic (Gramic). Technology: Slotko Talik.

Spain: யுனை சிமான்; Asbiliquetta, Eric Garcia (Pav Torres), Laporte and Kay (Alpha); Coke (Fabian Roose), Baskets (Rodri) and Petrie; Ferran Torres (Highsable), Pablo Sarabia (Danny Olmo) and Morata. Technology: Louis Enrique.