Somber – What We Know So Far

A new platformer SOMBER is coming to Steam this year, and it's going to be terrifying!

Somber, an atmospheric action-platformer developed by indie studio You Will Get There, will be released on Steam in the first quarter of 2022, according to the firm.

You Will Get There is behind the development of Somber.


It is characterized as “Limbo with the game mechanics of Ori,” however it was designed by Tim Burton and is not available for purchase.

When you watch the teaser trailer for the game, it's pretty exciting and high notion appears to be intriguingly fun, and everything is pulled together by the game's amazing hand-painted visuals.

David Söderström, the game's lead developer, expressed his excitement at the prospect of bringing Somber to the public.

“When we first started working on Somber, our goal was to create a lush, living world filled with amazing little details and interesting gameplay […] As you’d expect, we’re knee-deep in development right now and enjoying every second of it. We can’t wait to show the world the dread-filled beauty of Somber in 2022!”

What is Somber?

Somber is a beautifully gorgeous semi-open world precision platformer game with a strong emphasis on exploration. It will be the player's responsibility to assume the role of a friendly creature whose primary mission is to assist individuals in need.


When you roll, bounce, and climb your way through the bleakly brilliant world of Gloom, you'll uncover an engaging tale that will keep you guessing. The following are some of the features you may look forward to seeing when it is released next year:

  • Gloom's realm is a breathtakingly haunting place to visit.
  • Contribute to making things right for those who are most in need of your assistance.
  • Move through semi-open environments in tough precision platforming portions as you bounce and roll your way around.
  • Because of the mesmerizing tune by Jonatan Söderström, you will be transported into this incredible realm.

Release Date & Price

Somber will be available on Steam during the first quarter of 2022. As of right now, there hasn't been a confirmed price for this game released or even hinted at.

Go to the game's Steam store page to add it to your wishlist and to be alerted of any future updates to the game.

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