Solo Levelling Chapter 198 Release Date, Spoilers, Where To Read and Everything!

The latest chapter of Solo Leveling proved once and for all why it is considered the best Manhwa of all time. Chapter 18 of Solo Leveling's prologue has been revealed, and it has a god-tired depiction of Sung Suho's grueling combat with the shadow monster.

It will take some time for Sung Suho to level up to 100 from his current 99. The current level monster doesn't appear to be particularly dangerous, but he is fairly powerful; Suho may have difficulties defeating him.

The proverbial apple does not appear to have fallen far from the tree. His kid, Jinwoo, is a carbon copy. Battle scenes dominated Chapter 197, which otherwise provided little new information.

It's good enough that it doesn't matter that it's a side story. We can't let Suho gain level 100 and become an S-rank hunter so quickly. In this article, we will read Solo Levelling Chapter 198 Release Date in detail.

Solo Levelling Chapter 198 Release Date

On May 18th, 2023, Solo Leveling Chapter 198 will be released, marking the return of Young Monarch.

Solo Levelling Chapter 198 Release Date

Let's Take a Look at the Recap of Solo Levelling Chapter 197

At the beginning of this chapter, Sung Suho and the shadow monster are engaged in combat. As it battled Suho, the shadow monster couldn't help but cry. Even Suho didn't know what to make of that.

After Suho defeats the shadow monster, he discovers that the creature rarely attacks because it takes too much time and space to do so. This is the key to Suho's victory over the shadow creature.

After the shadow creature was vanquished, a door opened. When Suho entered the gate, he was hoping to be able to leave and return home. He was instead promoted to the next level. There were numerous monsters present.

Suho's score remained at 99. He immediately began eliminating all monsters. Some of the creatures came up on dragons and attacked him from above as he fought them on the ground.

When one of the monsters riding the dragon tried to steal it, Suho hit it. He was riding the dragon when he spotted a large beast with a dark knight perched atop it. Midway through the knight's boastful remark about his own might, Suho struck.

He defeats the dark knight, only to be struck by a shadow dragon's reverberating roar. The force of the tsunami drove Suho down into the earth. Then Suho witnessed a monstrosity in the sky.

Solo Levelling Chapter 198 Release Date

The stage manager, he assumes. The three shadow dragons kept attacking Suho, so he easily eliminated them. In order to progress to the next stage, Suho must first defeat the stage boss.

Suho easily sidestepped the stage boss's energy blast when he confronted him. The explosive bomb ripped the entire mountain apart in an instant. Suho was astounded at the sight. It was clear to Suho that defeating him would be difficult.

Where Can You Read Solo Leveling Chapter 198 Online?

Kakao Webtoon and Kakao Page will host the raw version of Chapter 198 of Solo Leveling. Additionally, Solo Leveling is available in English on TappyToon, Tapas, Webnovel, and Pocket Comic. However, after a week, Kakao will release the English version. YenPress is another retailer that stocks it.

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