Solo Leveling Game Confirmed by Netmarble along With A New Trailer!

Fanatics of the popular webcomic Solo Leveling can rejoice as the popular webcomic is finally getting a game adaptation, with Netmarble Games confirming an action game is in development with an official reveal and gameplay trailer.

Solo Leveling game

According to Anitrendz, the South Korean company Netmarble announced a Solo Leveling game adaptation on January 27, 2022, during its 5th “Netmarble Together with Press” conference in Seoul, South Korea. At the same time, Netmarble announced the release of The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin.

Solo Leveling game first details and gameplay trailer revealed

Solo Leveling game

Solo Leveling is a fast-paced action game in which players are pitted against powerful adversaries in order to progress. We didn't get any specifics from Netmarble about the game systems, but we can draw a few conclusions from the trailer after watching it several times. It appears that the battle system will include light but fast attacks, slow but heavy attacks, and charge attacks, among other things. There also appears to be some sort of assist call/Strikers system in place, which allows you to order your allies to attack opposing players.

Not only does the trailer feature the protagonist Jinwoo Sung, but it also features a large number of other characters, some of whom will be playable, such as Cha Hae-In. You can watch the trailer for the film below.

It was reported back in 2021 that “a Solo Leveling game is in development,” but this was probably just an educated guess, given how likely it was that a popular series like this would get a game. It's finally official.

Solo Leveling Game Trailer

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