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Ukrainian War Film Sniper Release Date – Cast, Plot And All You Need To Know!

The White Raven is the third novel in Scottish writer of historical fiction Robert Low's four-part Oathsworn trilogy, released on August 6, 2009, by Harper. The story garnered positive feedback.

Sniper Plot

This tale follows the oath-sworn band as they return to their search for Attila the Hun's mythical lost horde of silver.

The plot centers around Orm Rurikson, a young man who joined the crew of a Viking band as a boy and is now its reluctant captain.

A portion of their party has been captured by Prince Vladimir and faces impalement if Orm fails to deliver the treasure.

Sniper Abstract

Sniper: The White Raven, an upcoming Ukrainian war film, will be released in cinemas and on VOD on July 1 via Well Go USA Entertainment.

Pavlo Aldoshyn, Maryna Koshkina, Andrey Mostrenko, Roman Semysal, Oleg Drach, Roman Yasinovskyi, and Oleg Shulga star in the film, which Marian Bushan directs.

Sniper The White Raven release date

Sniper: The White Raven follows Mykola (Aldoshyn), a former Ukrainian physics teacher who renounces his peaceful way of life after experiencing a needless tragedy at the hands of invading soldiers in the Donbas region in 2014, instead deciding to seek revenge on them.

Mykola sets his sights on an exceptional Russian sniper whose elimination could turn the tide of the fight once he joins the military and obtains a coveted post as a sniper.

While it is based on a true story and feels more timely than ever, Sniper: The White Raven occurred during the Crimean incursion a few years ago.

As seen in the clip, which Screen Rant can exclusively reveal, Mykola goes from pacifism to being a violent servant of the Ukrainian government after his wife is cruelly stolen from him.

Whether he succeeds in his personal goal to get retribution on those who wrecked his life or even in safeguarding the people in his care will be revealed when the film is released:

Sniper Cast List

  • Pavlo Aldoshyn (Mykola)
  • Maryna Koshkina (Nastya)
  • Andry Mostrenko (Cap)
  • Roman Semysal (Brigade commander)
  • Oleg Drach (Syeryy)
  • Roman Yasinovskyi (Klim)
  • Oleg Shulga (Danube)

Sniper The White Raven release date


Sniper Synopsis

Adapted from a true story:

After a tragic tragedy at the hands of invading soldiers in the Donbas region in 2014, a former Ukrainian physics teacher abandons his peaceful way of life in search of vengeance. After entering the military and securing a coveted position as a sniper, he sets his sights on an exceptional Russian sniper who tips the war's tide.

When is The Sniper's Release Date?

Go USA will release Bushan's Sniper: The White Raven in select US cinemas and on VOD beginning July 1, 2022.

Sniper The White Raven release date

Watch the Full Trailer Here!

The trailer depiman'sot only the difficulty of one man's journey, from the breakdown of his goals and dreams to the dawn of a new and bloodier day, but also the brutal circumstances that Ukrainians have had to endure and overcome.

The latest SnipMykola'sWhite Raven poster depicts Mykola's loneliness and desperation before he pulls himself together and begins to fight back.

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