Smoke Face Reveal: Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Six Siege Smoke!

Since its release in 2015, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, a popular tactical shooter video game, has enthralled gamers all over the world.

The game's lore and character backstories, in addition to its intense gameplay and strategic sophistication, have contributed to its continuing appeal.

A new CGI film named “Sisters In Arms” has recently sparked interest in the Rainbow Six Siege community by providing a revealing insight into the elusive character Smoke.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of Smoke's face reveal in the “Sisters In Arms” CGI movie and its impact on the game's passionate fanbase.

Who Is Smoke?

Smoke, sometimes known as James Porter, is a defensive operator in the game.

The British man has a scientific talent and is regarded as aloof and irresponsible in his official website description.

Smoke has always had a fan base despite never taking off his gas mask, but the latest teaser ended with the big reveal, and fans are overjoyed.

Smoke made an unexpected entrance, shocking fans with a face reveal.

Smoke Face Reveal

The rich backstory of Rainbow Six Siege captivates and delights gamers alike. Ubisoft is expanding its lore with its new “Sister In Arms” short film, following the release of other short films based on its whole tale.

The premise of the short film centers around Zofia and Ela, two Polish sisters known for their differences.

This brief CGI video depicts the players how these sisters used to be and what motivated them to become the people they are now.

Smoke Face Reveal

While the short was nearing its climax, audiences were taken aback when Smoke made a surprise appearance with a facial reveal.

Smoke hasn't seen a face reveal in the seven years since Rainbow Six Siege's release, but it all changes with the start of Year 7.

This has piqued the interest of fans for what's to come as Rainbow Six Siege enters a new lore.

Everything You Need to Know About Rainbow Six Siege's New “Sister in Arms” Short Film

The story begins with a chat between Ela and Kali as they journey somewhere in a vehicle. In the following scene, the focus shifts to both sisters' pasts in the G.R.O.M. unit.

This sequence demonstrates how they used to work well together and how badass they can be.

As they both strive for excellence in every aspect, their lives are turned upside down when their father dies. Both of the sisters adored their father, but their ideas split them apart.

Ela claimed that the death of the Polish duo's father changed Zofia completely, as she distanced herself from Ela. The tale then switches to present times, when they both fight each other in The Program.

Last year, The Program saw a major dispute when Team Rainbow was split into two halves, one on Kali's side and the other on Ash's side.

This narrative now takes place immediately after these events, and Ela can be seen siding with Kali rather than remaining by her sister's side.

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While Zofia tries to persuade Ela not to join the other side, Ela confesses her sorrow for her sister.

As a result, Zofia is unable to reclaim her sister, and Ela decides to remain on Kali's side.

Now as the drama is coming to a close, Smoke gives followers a major surprise with a face reveal.

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